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The Medical Physics Residency Program includes a multidisciplinary steering committee, including faculty/clinical physicists, dosimetrists and radiation oncologists, who facilitate comprehensive training and ensure appropriate resident development. 

Jacqueline Andreozzi, PhDJacqueline Andreozzi, PhD - Radiation Oncology Program

Dr. Andreozzi's research interests include adaptive radiotherapy, novel dosimetry and QA techniques and development.

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Thomas Dilling, MDThomas J. Dilling, MD - Radiation Oncology Program

Dr. Dilling's primary clinical focus is the radiotherapeutic treatment of thoracic malignancies. 

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Issam El Naqa, PhDIssam El Naqa, PhD - Chair, Machine Learning Department 

Dr. El Naqa’s research focuses on developing large-scale data mining methods to identify biomarkers of response to chemoradiotherapy, multimodality image-guided targeted and adaptive radiotherapy, and radiobiology-based treatment outcome modeling.

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Vladimir Feygelman, PhD Radiation Oncology Program

Dr. Feygelman's primary clinical interests include external beam, SRS/SBRT/IGRT, MRI-Guided Linacs, treatment plan quality and small field dosimetry.

Jessica FrakesJessica Frakes, MDRadiation Oncology Program

Dr. Frakes is dedicated to a personalized approach in designing advanced radiation techniques that include MRI-guided adaptive radiation therapy, stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), as well as liver-directed therapies such as radiation embolization.

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Jasmine Graham, PhDJasmine Graham, PhDRadiation Oncology Program

Dr. Graham’s research interests are to investigatie extractable quantitative medical imaging features as imaging biomarkers (e.g., Radiomics) to adapt radiation therapy and predict outcomes, and to advance image-guided adaptive radiation therapy using novel technologies such as the MRI-Linac and Proton Delivery Systems.

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Dylan Hunt, PhD -  Clinical Physicist 

Dr. Hunt's clinical responsibilities include brachytherapy planning, IMRT QA, TrueBeam LINAC and Philips CT scanners.

Kujtim Latifi, PhDKujtim Latifi, PhD - Radiation Oncology Program and Department of Cancer Imaging and Metabolism

Dr. Latifi’s clinical focus is the application of advanced imaging techniques and software solutions to improve patient care and clinical workflow in radiation therapy. 

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Bruce Libby, PhD - Radiation Oncology Program

Dr. Libby’s clinical responsibilities include SRS and brachytherapy along with standard clinical responsibilities. He has a longstanding interest in the implementation of rapid work flow techniques in radiation therapy along with improving resident education.

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Eduardo MorosEduardo G. Moros, PhDRadiation Oncology Program, Chief of Medical Physics

Dr. Moros' career has been characterized by the development of mathematical models, devices, techniques and systems for both the laboratory and the clinic for the advancement of cancer research.

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Louis Nardella, MS - Medical Physicist 

Louis Nardella's clinical responsibilities include SRS/SBRT, EBRT patient specific QA, initial/weekly chart checks, image fusion, TPS commissioning and linac. commissioning.

Daniel Opp, PhD - Medical Physicist

Dr. Opp's clinical responsibilities include  SRS/SBRT planning, patient specific QA, initial/weekly chart checks, image fusion, Linac QA, vault shielding, brachytherapy, Intra-operative radiation, radiopharmaceuticals and 3D-printing custom bolus.

Gage Redler, PhDGage Redler, PhD - Radiation Oncology Program

Dr. Redler’s research purpose is the advancement of technologies and techniques that make use of medical imaging modalities to more effectively guide radiation therapy.

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Stephen Rosenberg, MDStephen A. Rosenberg, MD, MS - Director of MRI Guided Radiation Therapy

Dr. Rosenberg’s clinical focus is the treatment of patients with thoracic malignancies. He is interested in combining radiation with immunomodulatory drugs and targeted therapies to improve outcomes.

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Amarjit Saini, PhD - Clinical Physicist/Coordinator Brachytherapy Physics 

Dr. Saini is responsible for the HDR and LDR brachytherapy program. Responsibilities include calibrations and quality assurance of the linear accelerators and the microselectron HDR.   

Christopher Tichacek, PhDChristopher Tichacek, PhDRadiation Oncology Program

Dr. Tichacek's research interests include computational medical physics including dose calculation algorithms, external beam treatment plan quality analysis, and optimization of image-guided radiation therapy.

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Evan WuthrickEvan Wuthrick, MDRadiation Oncology Program

Dr. Wuthrick specializes in radiation therapy for skin cancers such as melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma.

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Geoffrey Zhang, PhDGeoffrey Zhang, PhDRadiation Oncology Program

Dr. Zhang's research interests include Ventilation calculation using 4DCT and deformable image registration,  four-dimensional (4D) dosimetry in radiotherapy, Monte Carlo dose calculation in radiotherapy, medical image texture analysis, image-guided radiotherapy and radiation dose delivery measurement in radiotherapy.

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