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Chemotherapy at MoffittIn 2015, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) formed a workgroup to study efficiency and capacity challenges in infusion centers as well as recommend best practices to improve cancer center operations while maintaining high patient safety standards. In 2018, this workgroup outlined what the ideal future infusion center would look like and how it would operate.

Through this consideration, the study indicated a recommended shift of treatments to the outpatient/home setting due to delays in scheduling, lack of beds, and the understanding that patients found repeated hospital visits unnecessary for something so routine, which worsened the overall patient experience.

This led to the development of Moffitt Cancer Center’s Inpatient/Outpatient (IPOP) service, which is now leading the way nationally with a hybrid model that provides a direct translation of inpatient treatments delivered in a comfortable outpatient setting.

What Is Moffit’s IPOP Service?

The IPOP service is the culmination of years of NCCN research applied here at Moffitt. Originally, it was designed to free up hospital beds by providing outpatient treatment regimens historically given in an inpatient setting, but it has grown into a full service for malignant hematology regimens and is expanding to solid tumor regimens and now has two sarcoma regimens on the service. Together with other NCCN sites, the Moffitt IPOP clinic is driving the creation of national guidelines and resources for outpatient chemotherapy administration.

Currently, there are 11 chemo regimens available through IPOP:

  • Blinatumomab
  • HyperCVAD arm A
  • Mini-CVD +/- Inotuzumab
  • Vyxeos
  • Tagraxofusp
  • Moxetumomab
  • AIM
  • IE
  • and 7+3.

Importance of IPOP for Patient Care

Though Moffitt can be the safest place for cancer care, a hospital environment can understandably be unsettling to patients, so we’re happy to offer the option to receive treatment in the MCC infusion center and then return home, reducing anxiety.

In addition to the improvement in the patient experience, the IPOP service also eliminates the need to stay in the hospital for these treatments, meets safety standards, and includes a preliminary social work consult to assess any psychosocial needs that patient may have prior to starting treatment.

Patients receive a high level of care in the IPOP setting from a team comprised of many roles that work together to achieve a comprehensive, high-touch program for patients. The IPOP care team includes a primary physician, IPOP medical director, pharmacist, advanced practice provider, and social worker.

Together, these team members identify eligible patients, maintain a collaborative commitment to safe implementation, educate and counsel patients on the program and medications, monitor patient progress, manage side effects, address psychosocial concerns, and assist with patient lodging and transportation.

Referring Your Patients to Moffitt’s IPOP

To refer your patients to Moffitt’s IPOP service, they must have local lodging or live within an hour of the cancer center, have a caregiver and driver, comply with long and multi-day treatments, complete IPOP patient education, and complete a social work consult.

Unfortunately, patients with uncontrolled diabetes or heart/lung disease are not eligible to participate in the program.

IPOP Considerations

As part of a primary clinical team, consider whether your patients’ treatments will be given in an outpatient or inpatient setting. Regardless of the treatment setting, you should always discuss transportation, caretaker support, and lodging to ensure patients have the resources needed for a smooth treatment experience.

IPOP provides a new way for patients to receive the chemotherapy infusions they need in the comfort of an outpatient setting, and while the regimens are still somewhat limited, the IPOP service continues to expand with the chance that your patient’s treatment may be available soon or considered in the future.

Moffitt is paving the way in transforming patient care leading to better outcomes. Choose Moffitt for an exceptional standard of care that achieves outcomes that often exceed national averages.

If you’d like to refer a patient to Moffitt, complete our online form or contact a physician liaison for assistance. As part of our efforts to shorten referral times as much as possible, online referrals are typically responded to within 24 - 48 hours.