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Moffitt at AACR

We are excited to participate in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting from April 5-10, 2024.

Every year, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) brings scientists, clinicians and other healthcare professionals together to share the latest advances in cancer science and medicine. This year, Moffitt is proud to, once again, bring our latest science to the annual meeting. Our scientists, clinicians and researchers will be sharing advancements in evolutionary therapy, targeted therapies, healthcare disparities and more, for several cancer types. 

Be sure to visit our Booth #1510 to meet members of the team and learn more about the impact Moffitt is making in cancer research, outcomes and advancements. 

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Moffitt Presentation Schedule

Features from 2024

Highlighting Moffitt Cancer Center's Breakthrough Research
Faculty, postdocs and students presenting at the 2024 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting

Can Improving Access to Genetic Testing Help Accelerate Personalized Care?
Collaborative Moffitt initiative hopes to raise interest and awareness of lifesaving resources

Identifying Accelerated Biological Age in Young Colorectal Cancer Patients Could Improve Post-Treatment Care
A small pilot study investigated the difference in biological age between younger and older adult colorectal cancer patients

Study Explores mRNA Vaccine Combo Therapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Investigators study safety and efficacy of mRNA-based cancer vaccine combined with immunotherapy

Tackling Ovarian Cancer by Studying It Outside the Body
Moffitt investigators developed 3D tumor models to learn how cancer grows in real time

Research Explores the Unique Needs of Young Adult Cancer Survivors
Study focuses on adapting intervention designed for older adults to meet the needs of teens and young adults

Malnutrition Plays Role in Treatment Response, Study Shows
Lung cancer patients with recent weight loss had worse response to immunotherapy

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Kim Polacek

Kim Polacek, APR, CPRC

Senior PR Account Coordinator


Video Features from 2024

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2024 Cell Coast Conference

October 25-27, 2024 - St. Pete Beach, FL

Join us for an exclusive summit featuring updates and breakthroughs in research and treatment in the cell therapies space from global thought leaders. 


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Office of Innovation and Industry Alliances

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Science & Research Careers

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Physician Liaison Team

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