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The DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute (DFPMI) was established in 2012 to revolutionize the discovery, delivery and effectiveness of cancer care on an international scale. Providing oversight for Moffitt Cancer Center’s Total Cancer Care® Study, the Institute seeks to create and share targeted treatments. Our personalized medicine efforts are also addressing the side effects of therapies, quality of life issues, symptom control and patient preferences. The Institute is supported by a generous donation from the DeBartolo family.

This pioneering work is putting the concepts of personalized medicine and precision cancer care into practice for the benefit of cancer patients.


The DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute’s (DFPMI) mission is to advance precisDeBartolo family membersion medicine research, catalyzing early adoption of personalized therapy into clinical practice, and educating the next generation of cancer treatment professionals. Together our work is inspired by our patients, who need more informed selection of therapy, clearer prediction of adverse effects and objective value for the use of expensive therapies.


The vision of the DFPMI is to bring personalized medicine to the point of care.


  • Superior value
    Develop innovative and integrated tools and services to apply our knowledge of personalized medicine to the clinic, enabling physicians to make the most informed clinical decisions based on available evidence.
  • Partnership
    Strengthen and expand DFPMI’s internal and external relationships to accelerate the delivery of personalized medicine.
  • Financial Health
    Secure and allocate resources to promote the financial viability of personalized medicine research and practice.
  • Research & Translation
    Advance our knowledge of cancer treatments and facilitate discovery of novel ways to personalize those treatments to individual patients through pharmacovigilance and biomarker discovery/validation research that translates to personalized prevention, detection and care.
  • Education
    Share our knowledge through effective communication and education programs.