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The Corporate Compliance Department manages multiple programs aimed at promoting the highest standards of ethics and compliance and upholding a culture of integrity.

Billing Integrity

A crucial component of any effective compliance program is billing integrity as billing is one of the largest risk areas for any health care organization. The billing integrity compliance program assesses the organizational integrity of billing for services provided, including detection and correction of documentation, coding and billing errors. This is accomplished by conducting compliance reviews and audits and the implementation of subsequent monitoring. Another function of billing integrity is to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of controls designed to ensure that all requirements and guidelines related to documentation, coding and billing are met.

Conflict of Interest

Moffitt is committed to ensuring its workforce an open and productive environment in which to conduct patient care, research and teaching. The Conflict of Interest Program strives to ensure transparency and objectivity within all areas of operation at Moffitt. Real or perceived conflicts of interests have the potential to call into question the validity of the center’s work and it is crucial that Moffitt’s mission not be compromised by outside financial or personal relationships. The program is responsible for managing individual and institutional financial interest disclosures, developing and recommending conflict of interest work plans and projects, and reporting conclusions and recommendations to ensure an effective, efficient, and objective workforce.

International Compliance and Export Controls

Moffitt has a long history of broad and diverse collaborations, and we remain committed to continuing to build and develop valuable relationships with institutions and scientists from all countries. The International Compliance and Export Controls Program is responsible for evaluating complex international relationships and collaborations that support Moffitt’s mission and help faculty, researchers, and staff navigate complex export regulations that govern controlled items, commodities, technology, software or information.


Moffitt is committed to full compliance with all federal and state health care program requirements, including the protection of the privacy of our patients’ personal and medical information and the reasonable safeguarding of protected health information against intentional or unintentional use or disclosure. The Privacy Program is responsible for ensuring that appropriate systems, operating procedures and policies are in effect to appropriately protect all information relating to Moffitt’s patients and visitors.

Research Compliance

Moffitt research activities are overseen by regulatory and compliance committees imposed by federal laws. The Research Compliance Program’s mission is to provide assistance to faculty and staff in conducting research in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and provide objective analysis and evaluation of all research activities, as they relate to regulatory compliance. The research compliance team supports this mission through fostering communication, developing general and specific training, reinforcing policies and procedures, and providing appropriate oversight and monitoring.

Research Financial Compliance

Clinical trials, research and grant activities produce significant financial risk for healthcare organizations. The Research Financial Compliance Program monitors for non-compliance and financial integrity in these areas to protect the institution and its patients from research-related financial toxicity. The program monitors the institution's compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, applicable regulations, policies, and organizational quality standards by providing guidance, education, and support and conducting reviews and audits of risk areas through collaborative approaches.  

To contact the Corporate Compliance Program, please call 813-745-1869 or email