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Moffitt Cancer Center is committed to ensuring that the care of its patients, and all research, is conducted responsibly and with integrity. The Conflict of Interest ("COI") program, within the Corporate Compliance Department, strives to ensure scientific objectivity throughout Moffitt.

The institution’s commitment to a robust COI program reflects the ever-increasing complexity of our society, the evolving dynamics and relationships within and outside of Moffitt, along with the heightened national and governmental sensitivity to such matters.

Real or perceived conflicts of interest have the potential to call into question the validity of the cancer center’s work. Therefore, it is crucial that Moffitt’s mission not be compromised by outside financial or personal relationships.

The COI program is responsible for developing and recommending COI work plans and projects, and reporting conclusions and recommendations to ensure an effective, efficient, and objective approach for evaluating and improving the COI activities of Moffitt.

The primary activities of the COI program relate to:

  • Research COI — Moffitt is committed to promoting objectivity in research, and we have established standards to ensure there is no reasonable expectation that the design, conduct or reporting of research will be biased or compromised by any conflicting financial interest of an investigator. Read the full policy
  • Institutional COI — Institutional conflicts of interest may result from the cancer center’s receipt of payments for services, equity interest, stocks, stock options or other ownership interests, and intellectual property rights that may impact research, clinical decision making, industry alliances/business development, purchasing/procurement, education or Foundation activities. We ensure that all transactions between industry partners and workforce members are held to the highest ethical standards in an atmosphere of transparency and high integrity.
  • Insider trading — The cancer center’s employees and workforce members are privy to information not available to the general public and therefore, must act in a manner that does not misuse confidential information. Insider trading laws prohibit persons who are aware of such material, nonpublic information from disclosing that information, or providing "tips," to others who may trade.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Certifications

All full- or part-time clinical and research faculty, advanced practice professionals, individuals at the manager level and above, and individuals who participate in the design, conduct or reporting of research must complete an annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Certification. Individuals are also responsible for updating their COI disclosure certifications throughout the year within 30 days of acquiring or discovering a new significant financial interest.

Conflict of Interest Education and Training

Robust and continuous COI education and training are an integral part of Moffitt’s COI program. COI education and training sessions are included for all new hires as part of Moffitt’s New Hire Orientation program. All newly hired faculty members are required to attend an additional orientation session that includes focused COI education. Additionally, all Moffitt team members are required to complete annual mandatory education, which includes specific compliance and COI related material. In-depth COI training is also required for all individuals involved in the design, conduct or reporting of research.

The COI program team holds educational sessions throughout the year and attends various department, faculty and team member meetings to provide focused education. Each year, the COI team hosts open help forums during the annual COI disclosure period to answer questions, assist individuals with completing their COI disclosure certifications, and provide personalized, one-on-one assistance to any individual that requests additional training and education.

To contact the Corporate Compliance Program, please call 813-745-1869 or email