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Moffitt Cancer Center’s Corporate Compliance Program supports the cancer center’s mission, vision, and core values and works to ensure the institution adheres to all applicable laws, rules and guidelines. The Compliance Program provides Moffitt team members with accurate, concise and up-to-date information and advice to foster a culture of responsibility.

Compliance Mission Statement

To contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer by effectively demonstrating the organization’s commitment to compliance and corporate responsibility.

Compliance Vision Statement

Moffitt Cancer Center’s Corporate Compliance Program will be the guiding force that positively affects an environment of ethical corporate culture in all business processes to transform cancer care through service, science and partnerships.

Moffitt’s Corporate Compliance Program addresses compliance issues related to billing and reimbursement, conflict of interest, corporate standards, ethics, export control and international compliance, privacy, and research.

You can confidently and anonymously report suspected violations or questionable conduct by calling the compliance hotline, independently operated by a third-party vendor at 1-844-760-5840.

You may also call the Chief Compliance Officer at 813-745-1869.

To contact the Corporate Compliance Program, please call 813-745-1869 or email