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Moffitt doctors at work

The Moffitt Medical Group (MMG) is Florida’s largest multidisciplinary medical group practice that is dedicated to providing world-class personalized cancer care at Moffitt Cancer Center. The MMG is growing rapidly as Moffitt builds additional facilities and establishes partnerships with other health systems to make advanced cancer care accessible throughout Florida and beyond.

The MMG consists of more than 300 board-certified oncology specialists and more than 300 advanced practice professionals, as well as other staff who specialize in nearly 30 cancer programs and services. The MMG team includes medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, hematology specialists, diagnostic and interventional radiologists, internal medicine specialists, anesthesiologists, anatomic pathologists, hematopathologists, supportive medicine specialists, cancer genomics experts, cardio-oncologists and advanced practice professionals.

As academic oncologists in one of the nation’s top cancer centers, MMG members contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer through demonstrated clinical expertise, cutting-edge clinical research, academic prowess, stewardship and service to the profession and to the community.

Using a patient-centered, multidisciplinary, team-based approach, MMG providers blend clinical excellence with compassion to ensure that patients and their families feel connected to the team. MMG's superior standing is underscored by the following distinctions:

  • MMG members have created Moffitt Clinical Care Pathways, a unique approach to defining standards of cancer care, to ensure that every patient receives the highest possible quality of care.
  • Many MMG members participate in the National Comprehensive Care Networks (NCCN’s) development of guidelines for their oncology peers at other cancer centers, as well as a version of guidelines for patients.
  • Moffitt’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center reflects the MMG commitment to conduct and support cancer research "to advance scientific knowledge and help all people live longer, healthier lives."
  • MMG experts train the most promising future oncology physicians and advanced practice professionals.
  • To maintain our accreditation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, our multidisciplinary Cancer Committee, a sub-committee of the Medical Executive Committee, meet quarterly to diligently ensure that we are keeping to the highest standards of cancer care and providing the highest quality of cancer care for our patients.
  • Many MMG physicians are leaders in their field who perform innovative, sometimes ground-breaking, research and clinical trials, which often exist exclusively at Moffitt Cancer Center. Clinical trials provide unique opportunities for patients to receive the most advanced treatments with the potential to improve the national standard of cancer care.

The academic nature of the MMG practice, coupled with compassion and determination to treat every patient in accordance with the best available medical evidence, translates into superior quality and better outcomes. MMG members are committed to giving each patient the best chance for beating cancer and the best possible experience throughout the continuum of care, from diagnosis to treatment to survival with an emphasis on the best possible quality of life.