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Moffitt nurse speaking with a patient


To partner with patients, families, the health care team, and one another in providing compassionate, innovative, and expert nursing care as we contribute to the prevention, treatment, and cure of cancer.


Our vision is to be the recognized leader in oncology nursing in a professional practice environment that supports our core values.


The nurses at Moffitt Cancer Center are committed to and accountable for:

  • Clinical excellence
  • Professional and ethical behavior
  • Healthy and effective collaboration
  • Work/life balance
  • Respect
  • Community service
  • Stewardship


The nurses at Moffitt Cancer Center practice our nursing mission and values. We believe:

  • Nursing embraces personalized patient- and family-centered care. Central to this approach are the principles of dignity, respect, information sharing, participation, collaboration, safety and professionalism.
  • The emotional, psychosocial and physical impact of cancer creates special needs for our patients and families from diagnosis through survivorship.
  • Partnering with patients and families facilitates the provision of high quality, personalized and compassionate care, and the coordination of services delivered with respect for human dignity. This care is not limited by social or economic status, personal attributes or the nature of the health problems.
  • Our patients and families have the right to thorough information and advocacy enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their care, including the option to refuse treatment, and to the continuation of quality care whatever their decision.
  • Our patients and families have the right to safe, ethical, culturally sensitive and confidential care delivered by a collaborative interdisciplinary team as the patient transitions through the multiple practice areas of the center and/or returns to community care.
  • All members of the nursing staff are partners in the culture of quality and safety established at the cancer center and participate in the planned, systematic, organizationwide approach to improving care, treatment, and services.
  • As professional nurses, we are responsible for being good stewards of health care resources.
  • As professional nurses, we are accountable for our individual practice as defined by the Nurse Practice Act of the state of Florida; policy statements, standards and codes of the American Nurses Association; and other professional standards of practice.
  • It is our responsibility to provide excellent patient care through a commitment to lifelong learning, personal professional development, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement activities to ensure optimal patient outcomes.
  • Nursing leadership and nursing staff are partners in fostering an environment in which nurses can express and manage their practice with a high level of professional autonomy. Nurses at all levels of the organization have the opportunity to impact the quality of patient outcomes, the quality of the work environment, and the achievement of the mission of the cancer center.
  • Our nursing staff is our most important asset, and as such, requires environmental, emotional and fiscal resources to sustain excellence in practice. Work-life balance is encouraged, respected and facilitated.
  • We have an obligation to contribute to the advancement of the profession by sharing our specialized knowledge within our community, regionally, nationally and internationally with peers, students and the public.
  • We have an obligation to advance oncology nursing practice through the conduct of nursing research and dissemination of study findings to internal and external publics.

* We respect the patient’s right to confidentiality and to consider as "family" whoever the patient defines family to be.