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5 North

The nurses on this unit specialize in the care of patients undergoing chemotherapy or requiring treatment of side effects and symptom management. The unit also treats patients of the Internal Medicine Hospitalist and Interventional Anesthesiology Pain Services.

5 South

The nurses on this 24-bed post-surgical unit specialize in the care of gynecologic, thoracic and breast cancer patients, including plastic reconstruction. They have expertise with various cancer interventions, including administering chemotherapy and caring for patients with gynecologic radiation implants and high-dose brachytherapy. Radiation safety and chemotherapy competency education is offered for all registered nurses.

4 North

This is a 24-bed hematology/medical oncology unit. Nurses on 4 North are experts in the care of leukemia and lymphoma patients. They also manage patients with solid tumors, including sarcoma, lung and carcinoid patients. They administer complicated chemotherapy protocols and offer intense, supportive care after chemotherapy to neutropenic patients, including blood transfusions, pain management and total parenteral nutrition. Our nurses also participate in research protocols of standard chemotherapeutic agents, as well as newer targeted therapies.

4 South

This 24-bed unit has a unique blend of surgical oncology patients from Head & Neck, Genitourology, Gastrointestinal and Orthopedics.

3 North

Three North is a 22-bed, surgical-Tele unit. The patient population includes post-surgical patients requiring telemetry, general medical patients and post-interventional radiology patients. Our nursing staff provides knowledgeable and skilled care within a unique interdisciplinary team approach. Telemetry training for staff is provided.

3 South

3 South provides a dynamic working environment that cares for neurosurgical patients, blood and marrow transplants, general medical patients, medical/surgical patients requiring telemetry and IL2 patients. Our nursing staff provides knowledgeable and skilled care within a unique interdisciplinary team. We offer telemetry classes and quarterly BMT workshops.

3 West/4West Blood and Marrow Transplant Units

The Blood and Marrow Transplant unit has 36 beds to care for patients from pre-transplant to the post-transplant process. The specialty trained nurses on this unit, along with a very skilled interdisciplinary team, provide excellent care in this environment.

Critical Care Department

Our Critical Care Department is one of a few nationwide dedicated to the intensive care of oncology patients. It consists of both Intensive Care (four Special Care/Intensive Care Units with 30 beds) and Post Anesthesia Care (27 beds). All of our nurses are educated and trained to work in each area. We offer a Critical Care Internship yearly for the experienced registered nurse who is interested in caring for critically ill or complex surgical oncology patients.