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Moffitt Cancer Center recognizes that working with a wide range of suppliers strengthens the communities we serve. The cancer center seeks to provide maximum opportunity to diverse suppliers that can meet the center’s procurement needs.

This information contained within this website will assist all suppliers seeking to do business with the cancer center to:

  • Understand the criteria for the products and services it procures

  • Understand the business qualifications required for all suppliers

  • Understand what suppliers can expect to receive from the Cancer Center

  • Understand the process for becoming qualified to conduct business with the Cancer Center


To learn about our Supplier Diversity Program, certifications accepted, upcoming diversity outreach events and the Supplier Diversity Program contact, please click on the following link: Supplier Diversity.


To view a listing of upcoming events, please click on the following link: Upcoming Events.


To view a listing of upcoming BID/RFP opportunities, please click on the following link: Supplier Opportunities


How to Become a Moffitt Qualified Supplier

All suppliers interested in conducting business with Moffitt must participate in a vendor certification process. Here are a few basics for initiating the process with our Purchasing Program:

  1. Complete the Online Vendor Profile Form which was developed to obtain contact information for your business and to provide our purchasing staff with basic information about your company. In addition, potential vendors will be asked to review the center’s policies that affect procurement services.     Online Vendor Profile Form
  2. Once completed, the Vendor Application Form is electronically forwarded to the Purchasing Department where a member of the staff will review your application form. All potential vendors and its senior management will be screened through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Inspector General and U.S. General Services Administration databases.
  3. Once all screenings have been completed, suppliers will receive a letter from the Purchasing Department with confirmation of application status.
  4. If your product or service is needed at present, a member of the Purchasing Department will contact you with information regarding the next steps and other pertinent details. In any event, your supplier information will remain in our database for future business opportunities identified by our purchasing professionals.


Moffitt is committed to the fair and equitable selection of vendors. All suppliers are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of goods or services provided

  • Pricing

  • Product availability

  • Delivery methods

  • Ability to participate in e-commerce opportunities

  • Support services after purchase

  • Adherence to the center’s policies

  • Acceptance of the center’s terms and conditions of purchase


  • Information - We will provide you with as much information as possible about how the Cancer Center’s purchasing process works, as well as the specific requirements of a given project.

  • Access - We will make every attempt to put you in contact with the appropriate purchasing professional for your product or service.

  • Fair Treatment - Our processes are set up to ensure equal and fair treatment to you and your company so that you can fully participate in the purchasing and contracting process.

  • Feedback - We will provide feedback regarding performance and other business issues.

It should be noted that the Cancer Center has established certain policies with regard to the purchasing process. These are routine business guidelines and apply to all vendors without respect to minority or gender classification. For more information about the purchasing policies and procedures, please download and review the following:

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 

Moffitt Cancer Center Terms and Conditions of Purchase (pdf)

How to Contact the Purchasing Department

For answers to any questions regarding the Cancer Center’s purchasing process and procedures, please call 813-745-7840.

How to Contact the Human Resources (HR) Department - (Staffing Agencies Only)

All Staffing Agencies following the vendor registration process are required to read the staffing procedures outlined and reach out to the Moffitt HR Department directly, please click on link below to read all procedures and contact information: 

Vendor Registration Information

If you are interested in doing business with Moffitt Cancer Center, please register your business with the Purchasing Department by clicking on the following link:

Vendor Certification Form