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A doctor studies a x-ray

Pancoast tumors are rare lung tumors that develop in the upper part of the lung known as the pulmonary apex that can spread to nearby areas, such as the ribs, nerves, vertebrae and even blood vessels. Also called “superior sulcus tumors,” Pancoast tumors account for less than 5% of all lung cancers.

It is a significant recognition for a physician to be considered a Pancoast tumor specialist – and at Moffitt Cancer Center, we have several such specialists within our Thoracic Oncology Program. In fact, we are home to some of the nation’s most experienced thoracic oncology experts, many of whom are clinically acclaimed leaders in their respective fields.

At Moffitt, we make it simple for patients to consult with chemotherapy doctors, radiation oncologists and even thoracic surgery specialists in a single location, without having to transfer medical records from one provider to the next. Our nationally recognized Pancoast tumor treatment team includes:

  • Thoracic surgeons, who focus on surgical oncology, and more specifically, procedures performed on the chest and lungs
  • Medical oncologists, who focus on chemotherapy and other drug-based Pancoast tumor treatments
  • Radiation oncologists, who focus on various radiation therapy delivery method
  • Neurosurgeons, who work jointly with thoracic surgeons in the operating room to completely remove these invasive cancers

Helping each patient’s Pancoast tumor specialist to provide precisely individualized treatment is a team of diagnostic experts. Our pathologists and radiologists have helped diagnose a number of these rare and complex cancers, and they know precisely what to look for when reviewing cell samples and imaging scans.

To help our patients achieve the highest quality of life throughout treatment and beyond, we also have a team of experienced supportive care specialists who are committed to providing effective symptom management, pain management and emotional support. With each member of our team focusing on an integral aspect of whole-patient care, we are better able to provide each patient with the comprehensive medical attention he or she deserves.

To request an appointment with a Pancoast tumor specialist, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. You do not need to obtain a doctor’s referral prior to your visit.