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Postdoctoral Research Training at Moffitt

Postdoctoral Research Training is a vital component to the success of our P01 Program. We strive to provide an environment that empowers our research scientists and postdoctoral fellows to make new scientific discoveries and build the foundational skill sets required for professional development into independent scientists on their chosen career path. 

Three Lung Cancer Working Group faculty members recently came together with the goal of training the next generation of postdoctoral fellows in quantitative disciplines, including bioinformatics and biostatistics, and in cancer biology. Dr. Elsa R. Flores (Project #1 Leader), Dr. Doug Cress (Core #2 Leader), and Dr. Brooke Fridley (Core #4 Leader) were awarded a T32 postdoctoral training grant to develop the Integrated Program in Cancer and Data Science (iCADS). Over thirty faculty members, who work together at the interface of cancer research and data science, serve as mentors and co-mentors for the trainees in this program

Research Scientists:

Hayley Ackerman, Ph.D. (Flores Lab)
Guohui Li, Ph.D. (DeNicola/Koomen Lab)

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Yu Cao, Ph.D. (Rodriguez Lab)
Joseph Combs, Ph.D. (DeNicola Lab)
Mario Fernandez, Ph.D. (Cleveland/Haura Lab)
Chang Jiang, Ph.D. (DeNicola Lab)
Yun Pyo Kang, Ph.D. (DeNicola Lab)
John H. Lockhart, Ph.D. (Flores Lab)
Eslam Mohammad, Ph.D. (Rodriguez Lab)
Nathan Ward, Ph.D. (DeNicola Lab)

For a full list of postdoctoral opportunities, please contact:
Kristen Gilpin
Grant Admin Assoc II
Admin to Department of Molecular Oncology

Fellowships and Grants: