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Cancer screening saves lives. That’s why Moffitt Cancer Center offers a lung cancer screening and surveillance program that is among the best in the country. Distinguished as a Screening Center of Excellence by the Lung Cancer Alliance, Moffitt can be your first choice for screening and treatment if you currently smoke or have a history of tobacco use.

Lung cancer typically does not produce noticeable symptoms until it reaches a more advanced stage. This is why lung cancer screening is so important. In many cases, cancer that is detected early is treated more easily. Lung cancer screening at Moffitt involves taking high-definition computed tomography (CT) scans. This fast and painless imaging test produces clear images of the lungs, exposing potentially cancerous abnormalities before they trigger obvious symptoms. Patients in Moffitt’s lung cancer screening program also benefit from:

  • Access to smoking cessation programs and supportive care services
  • A thorough review of any abnormal test results from Moffitt’s multispecialty tumor board
  • Preferential appointments with Moffitt oncologists if lung cancer is present

Why is it important for smokers to have lung cancer screening?

Anyone – even healthy adults who have never used tobacco products – can develop lung cancer. Still, smokers are at a substantially higher risk. Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens, or potentially cancer-causing substances, that can quickly damage the cells that line the lungs. With repeated use, these damaged cells may turn cancerous.

If you have regularly used tobacco products at any point in your life or have frequently been exposed to secondhand smoke, we encourage you to be proactive about your health and speak with a Moffitt physician about your risks. We can help you determine if you qualify for our lung cancer screening and surveillance program and provide you with expert advice about your next steps.

To contact Moffitt, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. A referral is not required to consult with our screening professionals.