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A Moffitt doctor review's a patient's lung x-ray.

The Lung Cancer Early Detection Center at Moffitt Cancer Center is comprised of three coordinated clinics dedicated to saving lives by evaluating, detecting and managing patients for early lung cancer.

  • Lung Nodule Clinic – This clinic is dedicated to managing patients with lung nodules for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The majority of lung nodules are found incidentally or by chance from an imaging test. Many times, they are not evaluated nor monitored by a healthcare professional. Our dedicated team of lung nodule experts has years of experience and can offer the best course of evaluation and treatment.
  • Lung Screening Clinic – This clinic offers a comprehensive lung cancer screening program that is among the best in the nation. Our lung screening program is open to patients who are considered high-risk based on national guidelines and evidence-based practices. A lung cancer screening is highly effective at finding early lung cancer in people with a smoking history.
  • Lung Surveillance Clinic – This clinic is dedicated to providing expert care for lung cancer survivors. Our team continues to follow survivors after their treatment is completed to ensure the best outcomes and quality of life.

To request a consultation with a lung cancer specialist in any of our clinics, call 1-888-663-3488 or request an appointment online.


For the best outcomes, choose Moffitt first. A referral is not required.

Download the Lung Cancer Screening Brochure (PDF)