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Moffitt Cancer Center recognizes survivorship as a distinct phase of the cancer journey and is committed to addressing different physical and emotional challenges that emerge after completing lung cancer treatment.

The Lung Surveillance Clinic provides dedicated services to help lung cancer survivors live well after treatment. Participating in a disease-specific surveillance clinic ensures lung cancer survivors have access to a team of experts who create and manage a personalized care plan in collaboration with the doctors who diagnosed and treated the cancer.

Importance of Participating in the Surveillance Clinic

Our clinic will continue to follow lung cancer patients after their treatment is completed. Lung cancer survivors are at significant risk of a second primary lung cancer, that develops after treatment of the first primary lung cancer.  Second primary lung cancers can arise as early as six months after treatment, with the average occurring 2½ years after the first lung cancer. With close chest CT scan surveillance, they are usually detected at an early stage. However, second primary lung cancers that are diagnosed four or more years after treatment may be an advanced stage.

Lung Surveillance Clinic Services

Services provided in the Lung Surveillance Clinic are personalized to each patient's unique needs. However, an initial visit may include:

  • Creating a personalized follow-up care plan to monitor lung cancer recurrence or second cancers
  • Conducting an exam to identify needs and developing a plan to address the physical, emotional and social effects of cancer treatment
  • Assessing your risk of other cancers, and providing referrals to cancer screening services, if needed
  • Recommending nutrition, exercise, weight management and tobacco cessation resources

To learn more about the lung surveillance clinic or request an appointment, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. A referral is not required.