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Lung cancer treatment is best provided by a specialist - or several specialists - which is the approach we take every day at Moffitt Cancer Center. At Moffitt, we make our best contributions as a team. As such, our Thoracic Oncology Program led by Jhanelle Gray, MD, takes a collaborative approach to treatment, with a number of highly experienced medical professionals working together on each case. Every patient’s treatment is handled by a multispecialty team that includes an experienced pulmonologist—a physician whose specialty lies in the respiratory system. Working collaboratively, the pulmonologist and other medical professionals will determine which therapies offer the most promise for a particular patient, administer these treatments and monitor the results.

A key advantage of working with a team as opposed to a single lung cancer specialist is that each doctor brings to the table a unique area of expertise – be it surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, supportive care or diagnostic evaluations. And at Moffitt, our specialists are highly experienced and widely regarded as leaders in their respective fields, due largely to their exclusive focus in singular aspects of lung cancer treatment. For instance:

  • Our pulmonologists are medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing lung conditions, providing treatment options, and assisting with lung biopsies.
  • Our thoracic surgeons focus exclusively on addressing chest tumors while sparing nearby organs. A number of these specialists are skilled in performing minimally invasive and robot-assisted techniques.
  • Our medical oncologists determine which drugs are most likely to target the specific cells present in a patient’s tumor, then administer the appropriate chemotherapy medications to destroy cancerous cells.
  • Our radiation oncologists design radiation therapy plans, targeting the delivery so that tumors receive the maximum dose of radiation while healthy surrounding tissues are spared. We also have a specialist for each type of lung cancer radiation therapy, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy and three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy.

At Moffitt, a lung cancer specialist can serve in two distinct – yet equally important – roles: that of clinical provider, and that of medical researcher. Many specialists on our team are actively involved in bench to bedside research, which allows our patients to benefit from the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment. Using the discoveries we make in the lab, a Moffitt lung cancer specialist can tailor a patient’s treatment to his or her unique needs, going as far as to match the patient with therapies based on the precise cellular composition of the tumor.

You do not need to have a doctor’s referral to schedule an appointment at Moffitt. To request a consultation with a lung cancer specialist, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online.