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Mohammed  Al-Jumayli

Mohammed Al-Jumayli, MD

4.9 (259)

Specialty: Medical Oncology

Program: Senior Adult Oncology

Language(s): English

  • Overview

    Cancer Focus:
    Adrenal Carcinoma, Colorectal Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Gallbladder Cancer, Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Neuroendocrine Tumor, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Small Intestine Cancer, Stomach (Gastric) Cancer

    Dr. Al-Jumayli is certified in Hematology, Medical Oncology, and Geriatric Medicine. He received his medical degree from Al-Mustansiriyah University College of Medicine, Iraq. He completed an Internal Medicine Residency at Capital Health Regional Medical Center in New Jersey, followed by a Geriatric Fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas. He completed a Hematology-Oncology Fellowship at the University of Kansas. Dr. Al-Jumayli’s clinical focus is on the treatment of cancer in senior adults, particularly gastrointestinal Oncolgoy (GI) cancer with providing a personalized cancer care based on patients’ functional status, general health, values, and goals. His research focuses on better understanding patients’ ability to tolerate aggressive cancer therapies based on their biologic age and general health through uncovering specific individual characteristics, genetic mutations and biomarkers. 

  • Participating Trials

    Clinical Trial 22153
    Feasibility of Exercise Prehabilitation Among Older Patients with Hepatobiliary Cancer Planning for Surgery
    Condition: Gastrointestinal Tumor
    Status: Open

    If you believe you are eligible for one of these trials or studies, please call
    813-745-6100 or toll-free 1-800-679-0775.

  • Publications

    • Akhtar OS, Modi K, Kim J, Skellson L, Smith E, Al-Jumayli MA, Extermann M, De Avila G, Parker N, Castaneda-Puglianini O, Grajales-Cruz A, Baz R, Blue B, Shain K, Alsina M, Liu H, Nishihori T, Jain MD, Locke FL, Hansen DK, Freeman CL. Simple Score of Albumin and CRP Predicts High-Grade Toxicity in Patients with Multiple Myeloma Receiving CAR-T Therapy. Transplant Cell Ther. 2024 Mar.30(3):283.e1-283.e10. Pubmedid: 38123069.
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    • Al-Jumayli M, Kawsar HI, Neupane P. Clinical Outcomes of Different Treatment Modalities in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer: A Single Center Experience. Am J Ther. 2023 Jan.29(6):e714-e716. Pubmedid: 32889810.
    • Cockey SG, Xu H, Al-Jumayli M. Elevation of cancer antigen 15-3 owing to oncocytic renal neoplasm in a patient without evidence of breast cancer recurrence on follow-up: a case report. J Med Case Rep. 2023 Dec.17(1):526. Pubmedid: 38062521. Pmcid: PMC10701971.
    • Al-Jumayli M, Choucair K, Al-Obaidi A, Park R, Bansal A, Baranda J, Sun W, Saeed A. Pre-operative Carboplatin/Paclitaxel Versus 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU)-based Chemoradiotherapy for Older Adults With Esophageal Cancer. Anticancer Res. 2022 Jan.42(1):59-66. Pubmedid: 34969709.
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    • Kasi A, Al-Jumayli M, Park R, Baranda J, Sun W. Update on the Role of Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors in the DNA Repair-Deficient Pancreatic Cancers: A Narrative Review. J Pancreat Cancer. 2020 Dec.6(1):107-115. Pubmedid: 33376937. Pmcid: PMC7757687.
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