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Woman speaking with lung cancer doctor

Pinpointing the exact success rate of lung cancer treatments is difficult. This is because there are several types of lung cancer and even more available treatment methods. If you are hoping to get a clear understanding of your prognosis, it’s best to speak with your physician. He or she will be able to answer your questions and discuss the average survival rate for your particular type and stage of lung cancer.  

In general, survival rates tend to be higher – and treatment more successful – when the patient is:

  • Diagnosed with early-stage cancer
  • Younger than 50 years old at the time of diagnosis
  • Diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer, as opposed to small cell lung cancer

It is important to note that lung cancer survival rates are general statistics that are based on the outcomes of patients who were diagnosed between five and 10 years ago. Recent advancements in treatment, such as hormone therapy and immunotherapy, are steadily improving the prognoses for patients with all types of lung cancer. Additionally, factors like overall health, nutrition and genetics may influence how a patient responds to any given treatment.

Lung Cancer Treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt Cancer Center stands at the forefront of lung cancer treatment and clinical research. A high-volume cancer center, Moffitt includes a Thoracic Oncology Program with a multispecialty team that focuses exclusively on lung malignancies. This level of specialized expertise, combined with our advanced treatments, allows Moffitt to achieve more positive outcomes and improved quality of life for our patients. We also spearhead an ambitious clinical trials program that gives eligible patients the opportunity to receive breakthrough lung cancer treatments before they are made widely available.

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Jacques Fontaine.

Contact Moffitt at 1-888-663-3488 or fill out a new patient registration form online if you would like to consult with a physician about your lung cancer prognosis and treatment options. A referral is not required to visit Moffitt.