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Disability Office at Moffitt

Virtual services available at the Disability Office include:

  • Family Medical Leave Forms
  • Short and Long Term Commercial Disability Insurance Forms
  • Cancer Policies
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance  
  • School Loan Deferment  
  • Credit Card Protection Insurance  

Social Security Disability Applications are not processed at Moffitt. For assistance, please call 813-745-8407 or apply online at the Social Security Administration website.

We are unable to process mental health claims for disability. For additional information about your rights regarding FMLA or Disability, please visit the Department of Labor website.

Our Process

Forms needing completion may be emailed or faxed to the Disability Office. When submitting paperwork:

If requested, the completed form may be faxed or mailed via U.S. Postal Service.

Processing time for completion of forms is up to 15 business days from receipt of all required documentation.

Completed forms will appear in your portal at MyMoffitt Portal/Clinical Information/Documents/Disability.

If you have verified that the form has not been received by your insurance company or employer, and it has been more than 15 business days since the paperwork was submitted, please feel free to contact us by emailing or faxing 813-449-6640.

Programs & Support Services