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Moffitt doctor speaking with patient

Moffitt fosters many programs and services to our community through education and outreach efforts, including: 

Community Outreach, Engagement and Equity (COEE)

The Office of Community Outreach, Engagement, and Equity (COEE) works to uphold Moffitt’s commitment to maximize the impact of its research through engagement and equity in the cancer center’s catchment area and beyond. COEE works to place health equity at the forefront of our research and ensure that our work is informed by ongoing and bidirectional exchange of information and ideas between our researchers and community stakeholders.

In an effort to facilitate bidirectional engagement between the communities we serve and Moffitt Cancer Center, COEE collaborates with various partners throughout the year to host initiatives including the George Edgecomb Society’s Community Research Updates, to highlight contributions Moffitt researchers and clinicians are making to address health disparities; the Moffitt Patient Researcher Forum, which aims to give patients and caregivers an insider view of current research on their specific cancer type and to educate Moffitt researchers about the clinical management and patient experiences with cancer; and the HPV Leadership Summit, that convenes providers and key community stakeholders each year to plan and implement strategies to eliminate HPV-related cancers.

Moffitt's COEE team members

Community outreach and education have been the cornerstone of Moffitt Cancer Center’s mission and vision since 1999.  The COEE Outreach team, Moffitt Program for Outreach, Wellness, Education and Resources (M-POWER), continues to lead the way in developing critical partnerships to address the cancer prevention, screening, and early detection needs of the communities served by Moffitt, in particular those community members who are at greater risk. Health educators and community outreach workers provide workshops in English or Spanish on many topics such as breast cancer awareness, healthy lifestyles (nutrition) and healthy MENtality (men’s cancer awareness). Additionally, for community members who meet certain criteria, M-POWER offers vouchers for a no-cost mammogram, prostate, lung CT, or colon cancer screening at Moffitt Cancer Center.

If you are a community member who needs a speaker to discuss cancer research or education for a community health event, please complete Moffitt’s Outreach Request Form.

Community Benefit

Community Benefit refers to the services and programs designed to improve a community's health and increase access to health care. The Internal Revenue Service requires not-for-profit hospitals to report Community Benefit annually. Community Benefit is essential to the mission of not-for-profit health care organizations and is the basis of tax exemption.

Each year, Moffitt Cancer Center provides a myriad of community programs and services. Information about the impact of these programs is collected in order to quantify the value of services and accurately tell the story of how Moffitt supports the community. The Affordable Care Act added additional requirements for tax-exempt hospitals to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years to identify and prioritize community health needs and services. 

Supplier Diversity  

team members meet with diverse suppliers 

Moffitt Cancer Center welcomes the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with qualified Diverse Businesses. Working with a wide range of suppliers contributes to the economic growth and expansion of the communities we serve. Moffitt recognizes the importance of supplier diversity in all aspects of our business and procurement practices and is committed to the development, utilization and growth of Minority, Women, Veteran, Service-Disabled Veteran, LGBT, and Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/VBE/SDVBE/LGBTBE/DOBE).

To become a Moffitt qualified vendor and to learn about upcoming procurement bids, request for proposals opportunities, businesses can obtain information on the Supplier Vendor Information page.

To learn about our Supplier Diversity Program, certifications accepted, upcoming diversity outreach events and the Supplier Diversity Program, visit the Supplier Diversity page.