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Program Description

A Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship greatly enhances our education and research mission and enables the fellow to acquire an advanced body of knowledge and level of skill in the management of breast disease in order to assume a leadership role in teaching and research in this field. The Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center is a one-year program accredited by the Society of Surgical Oncology. The Breast Surgical Oncology fellow participates in all aspects of surgical management. The fellowship focuses on participation in the Breast Service with additional rotations to include Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Radiology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, Diagnostic Screening, Genetics Testing and Counseling, Psychosocial Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Research and Community Outreach. The fellow will rotate at the Magnolia campus and at the McKinley Campus. 


The research objectives include clinical trials development and patient enrollment, prospective and retrospective clinical research, enrollment of patients in available national protocols and preparation of manuscripts for publication in lay or professional journals. The program requires successful presentation and submission of one original research abstract/paper. 


  • Completion of a fully accredited program in surgical residency prior to the start of the Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship.
  • Board-certified or eligible. 
  • This program does not sponsor visas.

Number of Positions

2 per year


  • Applications are submitted through the SSO website. Deadline is mid-January
  • Interviews are conducted in April, May and June
  • The rank order list must be submitted by mid-July 
  • Fellowship begins August 1st of the following year

How to Apply

The Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship and Moffitt Cancer Center participate in the Society of Surgical Oncology’s Breast Fellowship Match Program. Pertinent information is available online at the Society of Surgical Oncology.

Sample Contract (PDF)

Salary and Benefits 


Brian Czerniecki, MD
Susan Hoover, MD
Nazanin Khakpour, MD
Laura Kruper, MD
Christine Laronga, MD
John Kiluk, MD
(Marie) Catherine Lee, MD
Melissa Mallory, MD
Roberto Diaz, MD
Michael Montejo, MD
Kamran Ahmed, MD
Iman Washington, MD
Marilin Rosa, MD
Zena Jameel, MD
Saeed Bajestani, MD
Loretta Loftus, MD
Avan Armaghani, MD
Hatem Soliman, MD
Hyo Han, MD
Aixa Soyano, MD
Ricardo Costa, MD
Blaise Mooney, MD
Alec Chau, MD
Dana Ataya, MD
Bethany Niell, MD
Kimberly Funaro, MD
Robert Weinfurtner, MD
Shannon Falcon, MD
Sahana Rajasekhara, MD
Margarita Bobonis, MD
Lora Thompson, PhD


Program DirectorSusan Hoover, MD

Susan Hoover, MD
Moffitt Cancer Center  
10900 N. McKinley Drive
Tampa, FL 33612
Phone: 813-745-7730
Fax: 813-449-8241


Associate Program DirectorBrian Czerniecki, MD, PhD

Brian Czerniecki, MD, PhD
Moffitt Cancer Center  
12902 USF Magnolia Drive
Tampa, FL 33612
Phone: 813-745-7575
Fax: 813-745-7287 


Program Coordinator

Jamie Harrington
Education Coordinator
Moffitt Cancer Center
12902 USF Magnolia Drive
Tampa, FL 33612
Phone: 813-745-0589
Fax: 813-449-6943