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Class of 2024

Justin Drake, MD
Residency: University of Tennessee - Memphis

Nadege Fackche, MD
Residency: Howard University

Richard A. Jacobson, MD
Residency: Rush University

James McDonald, MD 
Residency: University of South Florida

Class of 2025 (Begin 8/1/2023)

Betzaira Childers, MD
Residency: University of Cincinnati

Leah E. Hendrick, MD
Residency: University of Tennessee - Memphis

Anastasios Mitsakos, MD 
Residency: East Carolina University

Adrienne Shannon, MD
Residency: University of Pennsylvania

Erin A. Strong, MD 
Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin

Class of 2026

Carlos I. Ayala, MD, PhD
Residency: Stanford University 

Apeksha Dave, MD 
Residency: Ohio State University 

Eileen C. Donovan, MD 
Residency: University of Cincinnatti College of Medicine 

Victor Gaziyoda, MD 
Residency: Maimonides Medical Center 

Samantha Seitter, DO 
Residency: Inova