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A patient receiving a cancer treatment
A patient receiving a cancer treatment

Cancers We Treat

Our team of cancer experts are specialists in your cancer type.

Cancers & Conditions Treated at Moffitt

Moffitt's multispecialty team are experts in cancer care. But we are also experts in pre-cancerous and non-cancerous conditions and tumors. For any suspicious tumor or finding that has the potential to be cancer, you can request an appointment with a cancer expert to see how Moffitt can support you with diagnostics, surgical options, imaging, treatment and monitoring.  

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Use the links below to learn more about each cancer type or condition including signs & symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, causes, risk factors, frequently asked questions, specialists and clinical trials. 

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At Moffitt Cancer Center, we diagnose and treat all forms of cancer, from more common conditions like lung, skin and breast cancer to rarer malignancies, such as mesothelioma, throat cancer and brain cancer. With dedicated oncologists, researchers and supportive care professionals for more than 100 unique conditions, Moffitt is a top destination for comprehensive cancer treatment – no matter the diagnosis.

We provide every new patient rapid access to a cancer expert so that we can start treatment as soon as possible. When a patient first comes to Moffitt, he or she is matched with a team of oncologists and other professionals who specialize in treating his or her specific condition.

  • Person

    1 in 5 individuals

    Develop cancer in their lifetime

  • Medical File

    50% of all cancers

    Diagnosed after age 65

We have a large number of surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, researchers and supportive care providers on our team, and each one focuses on treating a specific type of cancer. Because of our broad patient base, our specialists have experience in treating rare conditions that many other oncologists do not; neuroblastomas, schwannomas, Merkel cell skin cancers, neuroendocrine tumors and Pancoast tumors are just a few such diagnoses that we see on a regular basis. We understand that each condition – and each patient – is unique, and that maintaining a high level of specialization is one of the most effective ways to meet our patients’ needs.

With some of the most knowledgeable and experienced oncologists in the country, we are able to ensure that every patient who walks through our doors receives the best treatment plan for his or her unique diagnosis. We provide surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as advanced options like immunotherapy and hormone therapy. Additionally, we are able to:

  • Evaluate a patient’s symptoms (if he or she does not yet have a confirmed diagnosis) and perform any necessary diagnostic testing
  • Ensure every new patient receives an individualized treatment plan and complex cases are reviewed by a multispecialty tumor board 
  • Provide many patients with an expanded selection of treatment options through our robust clinical trials program and research initiatives

A referral is not required to schedule an appointment at Moffitt. To learn more about the cancers we treat, the services we offer or the oncologists who comprise our experienced team, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online.