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Miriam Zimms during Miles for Moffitt

“It feels like one big group together. One heart beating; one set of feet walking and running; one big cheer from the crowd, it’s a magical ball of courageous energy,” said Miriam Zimms, as she explains the feeling of being at Miles for Moffitt.

After being diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at 41, Zimms started her first Miles for Moffitt team, the Guatemalan Globes. Ten years later, she is still going strong.

Through the years, she’s faced battles that would have caused many to quit, but for Zimms, her struggles gave her more drive.

“In my first year, I was able to run and walk the event, but after year five, that all changed when I was diagnosed with a second type of cancer. I had my left pelvis, hip ball and the top of my femur amputated and rebuilt due to a rare bone cancer, chondrosarcoma. It took me two years to learn how to walk again,” said Zimms. “For my sixth Miles for Moffitt race, I used a wheelchair. Ever since then I’ve either used my wheelchair, cane or my walker to complete the mile walk.”

For Zimms, it doesn’t matter how she completes the race – for her, it’s about being surrounded by friends and family, which she says is what Miles for Moffitt is all about.

It feels as if we are one body there together not just for the cause of raising money, but out of love and support for one another
Miriam Zimms, Moffitt Patient

Like so many others, Miles for Moffitt is one event that Zimms and her friends look forward to attending for many reasons; to raise money for a good cause, support the community and spend time with loved ones.

“I participate because 100% of the money raised goes to cancer research. I also go because it brings together the entire Moffitt community. It’s a time to bring friends and family together,” said Zimms. “It’s become an annual event for some people in my life, they look forward to it every year. We do the race and then we go to brunch. It’s lovely.”

Calling herself a champion of life, Zimms credits Moffitt Cancer Center for helping her heal her body, mind and spirit for more than 10 years.

 “I wouldn’t be alive today without Moffitt’s entire staff,” said Zimms. “But, it’s not just about me and my experience. It’s about the whole person and the whole community Moffitt serves; and that energy is felt and transmitted into the Miles for Moffitt event.”

Over the span of 10 years Zimms Miles for Moffitt team the Guatemalan Globes has raised over $40,000. Funds raised from the race support innovative research, giving patients like Miriam Zimms more time with their family and friends. To learn more visit