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Congratulations to Moffitt’s 2019 recipients of the Daisy and Sunflower awards!

DAISY Awards

  • Nicole Licata, RN, Radiology
  • Megan Claybrook, RN, BMT

 Sunflower Awards

  • Shannon Bates, CMA, Cutaneous Clinic
  • Victoria Horning, Oncology Technician, 5 North

The award recipients were nominated by patients, families and visitors for providing exceptional care. Since 2009, Moffitt has celebrated amazing nurses with the DAISY Awards. The awards were established by the DAISY Foundation on behalf of a patient whose family was deeply impressed by the care and kindness his nurses provided. The award is meant to celebrate deserving nurses who deliver extraordinary and skillful care every day. Nurses are nominated by patients, families and other visitors through ballots located in our online patient portal and throughout Moffitt in the clinic waiting rooms, lobbies and inpatient rooms.

Recognizing that Moffitt wouldn’t survive without its medical assistants and oncology technicians, Moffitt nursing also established the Sunflower Awards. The recipients of the Sunflower Award are also recognized by patients and their loved ones. They go above and beyond in their duties, provide compassionate care and energetic care, and work well within their team to improve the patient experience.

Moffitt nursing had an incredible 350 nominations this year! It took a small team months to deliberate and select winners. Once chosen, nursing administration, managers and the recipients’ units planned surprise celebrations to honor them.

Moffitt is incredibly proud of these recipients for their work well done and also proud of these units for going above and beyond in celebrating each other!

Nicole Licata, RN, Radiology - Daisy Award Recipient

Megan Claybrook (2nd from Left), RN, BMT - Daisy Award Recipient

Shannon Bates (Left), CMA, Cutaneous - Sunflower Award Recipient

Victoria Horning (Left), Oncology Tech, 5 North - Sunflower Award Recipient