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When Angelica Casey was 16, she started volunteering at Moffitt Cancer Center’s Infusion Center. The teen spent more than 100 hours at the Magnolia campus stocking supplies and interacting with patients undergoing treatment. The experience inspired her to get involved with community events. She volunteered with the Mole Patrol helping with skin cancer screenings. Even as a high school student, she knew she wanted to give back to her community.

“It gave me a chance to make a difference in someone’s life even if it was as simple as bringing them their favorite ice cream or a sandwich,” Casey shared. “I always loved talking to patients and learning about their stories. Being able to put a smile on the patients’ faces was the best part of volunteering.”

Angelica Casey Moffitt Nurse

Angelica Casey poses for a photo on her first day as a registered nurse at Moffitt

Several of Casey’s family members had been impacted by cancer. Knowing what a difficult time they went through gave her the confidence to connect with patients on a deeper level. The experience ultimately led her to pursue a career in nursing.

“Being a teen volunteer heavily influenced me to want to become a nurse” Casey said. “I saw firsthand exactly what the infusion nurses did for their patients. I told myself I would become a nurse to continue helping cancer patients and be there to support them through the process.”

Angelica Casey graduation

Angelica Casey graduates from the USF College of Nursing

And so began her journey of applying to nursing schools. She was accepted into the University of South Florida College of Nursing. Today, she’s officially a registered nurse at Moffitt working on inpatient unit 3 South.

“I chose to work at Moffitt because I believe in the values the organization represents and the diversity of the people and patients I encounter,” Casey said. “I love learning about what Moffitt does for our patients and their families. I can’t wait to continue seeing the cancer center grow.”

Casey says her time as a volunteer was very eye-opening and she now urges other high school students to get involved.

“You get to meet patients from all walks of life and hear about their personal experiences,” Casey shared. “Volunteering allows you to make a difference in people’s lives, while also making a difference in your own life. My time as a volunteer helped me discover my career path. I want to keep having an impact on patients’ lives.”

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