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Ken Komorny and his wife of 30 years, Lynn, love traveling and spending time at the Arctic Circle.

For the past four years, Kenneth Komorny has enjoyed being a Moffitteer and serving as the chief pharmacy officer. Working for an organization where patients receive the highest level of care has always been his goal, and through many lenses, he says Moffitt Cancer Center is one of the best. Recently promoted to vice president, Komorny is looking forward to more memorable years at Moffitt. 

In his new role, Komorny leads Moffitt’s pharmacy enterprise, developing best practices to provide the highest level of pharmacy care. He also manages the planning and execution of projects that include a medications and pharmacy services perspective. In addition, he continues to work closely with the pharmacy team. 

“We have one of the best pharmacy teams I have ever had the privilege to work with,” Komorny said. “Nearly all the staff have additional certifications or advanced training in oncology. I would not trade this team for the world. I have also had the pleasure to work with excellent colleagues in various departments working together to provide the highest level of cancer care. Collaboration is a central theme in the culture at Moffitt.”

Komorny (far right) at his daughter's wedding.

Ken Komorny, far right, celebrates at his daughter's wedding.

Love for Nature 

When he isn’t leading Moffitt’s pharmacy team, Komorny likes to spend time in nature. This includes fishing offshore or in Tampa Bay. He can also be found hunting quail in Florida or enjoying deer and wild hog hunts with his club in Georgia. 

Alaska – Absolutely Pristine and Beautiful 

Trading in the warm beaches for temperatures below zero, Komorny says his favorite place in the world is Alaska. During his various trips to the 49th state, he has spent months above the Arctic Circle in Kotzebue, where the coldest day was 57 degrees below zero. He has gone Sitka black-tailed deer hunting on Kodiak Island and has enjoyed many adventures, including a 25th anniversary celebration with his wife of nearly 30 years.

Connection to Cancer 

Cancer has impacted a few of Komorny’s family members, including his father. But his strongest connection to the disease was through his uncle. After being diagnosed with a rare cancer, Komorny’s uncle received treatment from another organization in Southwest Florida. After providers recommended hospice, he decided to get a second opinion from Moffitt. His uncle was able to live three years beyond his original hospice recommendation, for which Komorny and his family are eternally grateful. 

Favorite Moffitt Memory 

Being a Moffitteer for four years has led to many memorable moments. Komorny says his favorite is participating in the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Fights Cancer night. “It was such an honor to receive the hockey stick from the Lightning,” he said. “It’s a memory I will never forget. I was so proud to be a Moffitt team member and represent the cancer center at the event.”

Komorny says his favorite Moffitt is participating in the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Fights Cancer night

Komorny says his favorite Moffitt memory is participating in the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Fights Cancer night.