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Donna Look with her father, Hans.

“There was not a cure for him, but there will be for the next person.”

That was the inspiration for Donna Look to start team Hans’ Angels for Miles for Moffitt after losing her father to pancreatic cancer in May of this year.

Bolstered by the tremendous support of her friends, many of whom have joined her team, Donna is determined to galvanize her family’s recent loss into an event that honors her dad’s legacy. And as it turns out, all she had to do was ask.

“I put a notice on Facebook that we were doing this run, and then it kind of started going from there. I told some friends. They told some friends. And now, I think we have 20 people who may be running so far.”

Donna, who heard about the event through her mother, a cancer survivor recently treated at Moffitt Cancer Center, is excited to take on the race itself. Donna and her friends identify as “long-time athletes, but not runners,” so her advice to those worried about the race is simple: “This is not the Olympics. Just go and have fun with it; bring a friend to walk with, and those miles will go away quickly.”

And Donna isn’t surrounding herself with just friends; she’s bringing along her friends’ kids and encouraging others to do the same. “You plant the seed when they’re young, and hopefully they’ll continue to do these kinds of things,” Donna says about engaging kids in the Miles for Moffitt event, which has children’s activities and courses planned for Race Day.

In terms of outreach, Donna is focusing on social media for her fundraising efforts. It seems to be working, as Hans’ Angels has already raised $2,420, with other groups, like her co-workers and other friends, still on her target list for donations.

In the end, Miles for Moffitt isn’t just a chance to celebrate the lasting legacy her father left behind, but also an opportunity to support Moffitt Cancer Center, where both her parents were treated. “I know this is cliché, but every little bit helps. I’m just really happy that we can get together and help try to raise some funds."

One hundred percent of Miles for Moffitt proceeds fuel research and empower scientists at Moffitt Cancer Center to find a cure. Visit to learn more and join us on Saturday, Nov. 23 in Downtown Tampa.

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