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Moffitt Nurse Eliana Torres.

The letters R and N may not mean a lot to the average person, but for Eliana Torres those two letters mean the world. As a young girl growing up in Colombia, Torres only had one dream - to become a registered nurse.

When she accomplished her goal, she immediately moved to Florida. Torres worked as a registered nurse in an urgent care clinic before joining the Moffitt Cancer Center team in November 2017 as a senior revenue integrity specialist. In this role, she ensures that charges captured by clinical areas are supported by appropriate medical documentation to determine compliance with policies and procedures. However, her favorite part of the job is working with the clinic nurses to teach them how to properly charge for services provided.

Though her job at Moffitt is different from working in a typical clinical setting, being a nurse is beneficial because she knows the jargon and understands exactly what the clinic nurses are experiencing. She is the bridge between the Revenue Integrity department and the clinics.

Torres says she loves working at Moffitt and is no stranger to cancer. She recently lost her uncle to the disease. She says that experience really opened her eyes and makes her appreciate the compassion she sees at Moffitt on a daily basis.

Torres admits she misses working directly with the patients. But she is gratified to work for them behind the scenes, making sure their bills are accurate.

Since joining the Moffitt team, Torres says she’s learned a lot about organizational skills, analytics, leadership and education, which has strengthened her core skills as a leader. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in nursing leadership and administration.