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Photo by: Nicole Couch

After being treated at Moffitt Cancer Center for thyroid cancer, Nicole Couch decided it was time to get her life back, so she started working out.

While on a vacation with her family in Orlando, Florida, she decided to participate in the mile-long Disney Fun Run. In that moment, Couch found her new hobby – running.

 “I had never run before and I was instantly hooked,” Couch said.

While enjoying her newfound interest, she embarked on a new journey to join Miles for Moffitt in 2019 after learning about the event from a friend.

“While undergoing treatment at Moffitt, I joined a Facebook support group and met some great people,” said Couch. “One in particular lived close. She saw that I started running and asked me to join her team KnotToday.”

Couch instantly knew she had to compete in the 10K race. Miles for Moffitt was more than just an event where she’d get to run, it was about how far she had come in her cancer journey.

Nicole Couch and friend during 2019 Miles for Moffitt Race

“It was a very emotional experience,” Couch said. “Before coming to Moffitt, I was treated at another hospital and did not recover as expected.”

During her run, Couch noticed the hospital where she was previously treated and became overwhelmed with tears.

“The moment I ran past that hospital, I started crying and shaking. I felt like I had come so far from where I had been,” Couch said. “Moffitt not only helps you beat cancer, but they also help you emotionally, mentally and physically get through the journey. My only regret is not coming to them first.”

Funds raised from Miles for Moffitt support cancer research and help people like Couch have an easier journey, with successful outcomes. To learn more visit