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Wayne Guida, PhD

Research Program: Molecular Medicine Program

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  • Overview

    The Guida Lab uses computational modeling to discover and design novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer.


    • Molecular Oncology & Drug Discovery Program
    • Molecular Medicine Program

    Education & Training


    • University of South Florida, PhD - Organic Chemistry


    • Duke University - Bio-organic Chemistry
    • Columbia University - Computational Chemistry
  • Research Interest

    My research is focused on computer aided drug design. An area of specific interest to our lab is the design of enzymes essential for the biosynthesis of polyamines, which are critical for the replication of DNA and are elevated in a number of human tumors. This work has focused on the design of S-adenosylmethionin decarboxylase inhibitors as potential anti-cancer agents. Through collaboration with other investigators at Moffitt, we have been involved in the computational design of inhibitors of other enzymes and inhibitors of protein-protein interactions that have therapeutic releveance in cancer.  This work includes the following biomolecular targets: farnesyl transferase and geranylgeranyl transferase (in collaboration with Drs. Said Sebti and Nick Lawrence), the 20S Proteasome (with Drs. Said Sebti and Mark McLaughlin), MDM2 p53 and MDMX-P53 (with Drs. Jiandong Chen and Mark McLaughlin) and Shp2 (with Drs. Jerry Wu and Nick Lawrence). We are also interested in developing enhanced methods for the docking of inhibitors into protein binding sites and in applying computational techniques to the problem of elucidating the mechanistic details of enzyme catalysis and in the design, synthesis, and study of model complexes that mimic zinc metallproteases.

  • Publications

    • Sparks RP, Arango AS, Starr ML, Aboff ZL, Hurst LR, Rivera-Kohr DA, Zhang C, Harnden KA, Jenkins JL, Guida WC, Tajkhorshid E, Fratti RA. Correction: A small-molecule competitive inhibitor of phosphatidic acid binding by the AAA+ protein NSF/Sec18 blocks the SNARE-priming stage of vacuole fusion. J Biol Chem. 2022 Nov.298(11):102576. Pubmedid: 36257250. Pmcid: PMC9579040.
    • Tur J, Badole SL, Manickam R, Chapalamadugu KC, Xuan W, Guida W, Crews JJ, Bisht KS, Tipparaju SM. Cardioprotective Effects of 1-(3,6-Dibromo-carbazol-9-yl)-3-Phenylamino-Propan-2-Ol in Diabetic Hearts via Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase Activation. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2022 Aug.382(2):233-245. Pubmedid: 35680376. Pmcid: PMC9372916.
    • Burgos M, Philippe R, Antigny F, Buscaglia P, Masson E, Mukherjee S, Dubar P, Le Maréchal C, Campeotto F, Lebonvallet N, Frieden M, Llopis J, Domingo B, Stathopulos PB, Ikura M, Brooks W, Guida W, Chen JM, Ferec C, Capiod T, Mignen O. The p.E152K-STIM1 mutation deregulates Ca2+ signaling contributing to chronic pancreatitis. J Cell Sci. 2021 Feb.134(3). Pubmedid: 33468626.
    • Sparks RP, Arango AS, Jenkins JL, Guida WC, Tajkhorshid E, Sparks CE, Sparks JD, Fratti RA. An Allosteric Binding Site on Sortilin Regulates the Trafficking of VLDL, PCSK9, and LDLR in Hepatocytes. Biochemistry-Us. 2020 Nov.59(45):4321-4335. Pubmedid: 33153264. Pmcid: PMC7674269.
    • Sparks RP, Lui A, Bader D, Patel R, Murr M, Guida W, Fratti RA, Patel NA. A specific small-molecule inhibitor of protein kinase CδI activity improves metabolic dysfunction in human adipocytes from obese individuals. J Biol Chem. 2019 Oct.294(41):14896-14910. Pubmedid: 31413114. Pmcid: PMC6791326.
    • Sparks RP, Arango AS, Starr ML, Aboff ZL, Hurst LR, Rivera-Kohr DA, Zhang C, Harden KA, Jenkins JL, Guida WC, Tajkhorshid E, Fratti RA. A small-molecule competitive inhibitor of phosphatidic acid binding by the AAA+ protein NSF/Sec18 blocks the SNARE-priming stage of vacuole fusion. J Biol Chem. 2019 Nov.294(46):17168-17185. Pubmedid: 31515268. Pmcid: PMC6873166.
    • Handa S, Dempsey DR, Ramamoorthy D, Cook N, Guida WC, Spradling TJ, White JK, Woodcock HL, Merkler DJ. Mechanistic Studies of 1-Deoxy-D-Xylulose-5-Phosphate Synthase from Deinococcus radiodurans. Biochem Mol Biol J. 2018 Mar.4(1). Pubmedid: 29552677. Pmcid: PMC5851014.
    • Akuffo AA, Alontaga AY, Metcalf R, Beatty MS, Becker A, McDaniel JM, Hesterberg RS, Goodheart WE, Gunawan S, Ayaz M, Yang Y, Karim MR, Orobello ME, Daniel K, Guida W, Yoder JA, Rajadhyaksha AM, Schonbrunn E, Lawrence HR, Lawrence NJ, Epling-Burnette PK. Ligand-mediated protein degradation reveals functional conservation among sequence variants of the CUL4-type E3 ligase substrate receptor cereblon. J Biol Chem. 2018 Apr.293(16):6187-6200. Pubmedid: 29449372. Pmcid: PMC5912449.
    • Mukherjee S, Karolak A, Debant M, Buscaglia P, Renaudineau Y, Mignen O, Guida WC, Brooks WH. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membrane-Bound STIM1 to Investigate Conformational Changes during STIM1 Activation upon Calcium Release. J Chem Inf Model. 2017 02.57(2):335-344. Pubmedid: 28151650.
    • Sparks RP, Jenkins JL, Miner GE, Wang Y, Guida WC, Sparks CE, Fratti RA, Sparks JD. Phosphatidylinositol (3,4,5)-trisphosphate binds to sortilin and competes with neurotensin: Implications for very low density lipoprotein binding. Biochem Bioph Res Co. 2016 Oct.479(3):551-556. Pubmedid: 27666481. Pmcid: PMC5056161.
    • Sparks RP, Guida WC, Sowden MP, Jenkins JL, Starr ML, Fratti RA, Sparks CE, Sparks JD. Sortilin facilitates VLDL-B100 secretion by insulin sensitive McArdle RH7777 cells. Biochem Bioph Res Co. 2016 09.478(2):546-552. Pubmedid: 27495870. Pmcid: PMC5002383.
    • Mukherjee S, Sparks R, Metcalf R, Brooks W, Daniel K, Guida WC. Cupriphilic compounds to aid in proteasome inhibition. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2016 08.26(15):3826-3829. Pubmedid: 27311892.
    • Kang CW, Sarnowski MP, Ranatunga S, Wojtas L, Metcalf RS, Guida WC, Del Valle JR. β-Strand mimics based on tetrahydropyridazinedione (tpd) peptide stitching. Chem Commun (Camb). 2015 Nov.51(90):16259-16262. Pubmedid: 26400240. Pmcid: PMC5561724.
    • Doupnik CA, Parra KC, Guida WC. A computational design approach for virtual screening of peptide interactions across K(+) channel families. Comput Struct Biotechnol J. 2015.13:85-94. Pubmedid: 25709757. Pmcid: PMC4334993.
    • Cross RM, Flanigan DL, Monastyrskyi A, LaCrue AN, Sáenz FE, Maignan JR, Mutka TS, White KL, Shackleford DM, Bathurst I, Fronczek FR, Wojtas L, Guida WC, Charman SA, Burrows JN, Kyle DE, Manetsch R. Orally bioavailable 6-chloro-7-methoxy-4(1H)-quinolones efficacious against multiple stages of Plasmodium. J Med Chem. 2014 Nov.57(21):8860-8879. Pubmedid: 25148516. Pmcid: PMC4234439.
    • Campbell CO, Santiago DN, Guida WC, Manetsch R, Adams JH. In silico characterization of an atypical MAPK phosphatase of Plasmodium falciparum as a suitable target for drug discovery. Chem Biol Drug Des. 2014 Aug.84(2):158-168. Pubmedid: 24605883. Pmcid: PMC4497549.
    • Ozcan S, Kazi A, Marsilio F, Fang B, Guida WC, Koomen J, Lawrence HR, Sebti SM. Oxadiazole-isopropylamides as potent and noncovalent proteasome inhibitors. J Med Chem. 2013 May.56(10):3783-3805. Pubmedid: 23547706. Pmcid: PMC3774303.
    • Ramamoorthy D, Turos E, Guida WC. Identification of a new binding site in E. coli FabH using Molecular dynamics simulations: validation by computational alanine mutagenesis and docking studies. J Chem Inf Model. 2013 May.53(5):1138-1156. Pubmedid: 23581389.
    • Zhang X, Sun Y, Pireddu R, Yang H, Urlam MK, Lawrence HR, Guida WC, Lawrence NJ, Sebti SM. A novel inhibitor of STAT3 homodimerization selectively suppresses STAT3 activity and malignant transformation. Cancer Res. 2013 Mar.73(6):1922-1933. Pubmedid: 23322008. Pmcid: PMC4030628.
    • Handa S, Ramamoorthy D, Spradling TJ, Guida WC, Adams JH, Bendinskas KG, Merkler DJ. Production of recombinant 1-deoxy-d-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase from Plasmodium vivax in Escherichia coli. FEBS Open Bio. 2013 Jun.3:124-129. Pubmedid: 23772383. Pmcid: PMC3668541.
    • Urlam MK, Pireddu R, Ge Y, Zhang X, Sun Y, Lawrence HR, Guida WC, Sebti SM, Lawrence NJ. Development of new N-Arylbenzamides as STAT3 Dimerization Inhibitors. Medchemcomm. 2013 Jun.4(6):932-941. Pubmedid: 24073326. Pmcid: PMC3780559.
    • Kim YB, Balasis ME, Doi K, Berndt N, DuBoulay C, Hu CC, Guida W, Wang HG, Sebti SM, Del Valle JR. Synthesis and evaluation of substituted hexahydronaphthalenes as novel inhibitors of the Mcl-1/BimBH3 interaction. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2012 Sep.22(18):5961-5965. Pubmedid: 22901384. Pmcid: PMC3432503.
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    • Li R, Martin MP, Liu Y, Wang B, Patel RA, Zhu JY, Sun N, Pireddu R, Lawrence NJ, Li J, Haura EB, Sung SS, Guida WC, Schonbrunn E, Sebti SM. Fragment-based and structure-guided discovery and optimization of Rho kinase inhibitors. J Med Chem. 2012 Mar.55(5):2474-2478. Pubmedid: 22272748. Pmcid: PMC4516226.
    • Pireddu R, Forinash KD, Sun NN, Martin MP, Sung SS, Alexander B, Zhu JY, Guida WC, Schönbrunn E, Sebti SM, Lawrence NJ. Pyridylthiazole-based ureas as inhibitors of Rho associated protein kinases (ROCK1 and 2). Medchemcomm. 2012 Jun.3(6):699-709. Pubmedid: 23275831. Pmcid: PMC3531244.
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