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Improving patient outcomes and their experience is at the heart of the Center for Digital Health (CDH.) Digital innovation is all about problem-solving and leveraging partner­ships within Moffitt and across industries to think bigger and improve how cancer care is delivered, treated and accessed.

Through collaboration and integration — both inside and outside of Moffitt — we will develop and invest in new digital innovations, tools and technology.

Center for Digital Health 

Within the CDH, each pillar, IT, Health Data Services and Digital, has its unique function. But as projects are cross-functional, these teams will collaborate and contribute to the overall success of Moffitt’s digital innovation strategy.

Joyce Oh

Joyce Oh - Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Joyce Oh is responsible for leading Moffitt's information technology teams and contributing to the organization's digital transformation efforts. She oversees Moffitt's IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, IT applications, and digital business office functions throughout the enterprise. As CIO, she plays a key leadership role as part of Moffitt's Center for Digital Health team, collaborating with the chief data officer, vice president of digital, and others to develop and apply digital tools to advance oncology care, research, and education in support of Moffitt’s strategic plan.

Dana RollisonDana Rollison, PhDVice President, Chief Data Officer

As the vice president, chief data officer and the associate center director of Data Science at Moffitt Cancer Center, Dr. Dana Rollison’s role provides oversight of three areas: leadership of the Office of Health Data Services, continuing development and infrastructure planning for Moffitt’s HRI platform and leadership of Quantitative Science. Leveraging her dual role as CDO and ACD, Dr. Rollison seeks to orchestrate and optimize Moffitt’s extensive data assets across clinical, research and operational areas of the organization, thus accelerating scientific discovery and translational research across the cancer center.

Randa PerkinsRanda Perkins, MD, MBA, FAMIA - Chief Medical Information Officer, Senior Director of Clinical Informatics, Assistant Member, Department of Internal Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medicine, USF College of Medicine

Dr. Randa Perkins is a dual board-certified family medicine and clinical informatics physician. She serves as the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at Moffitt Cancer Center. She has been a leader in clinical informatics for over a decade, with a focus on providing collaborative and robust clinical informatics support for entire healthcare systems. Dr. Perkins oversees the multidisciplinary clinical informatics team, including ACMIOs, pharmacy informatics, nursing informatics, and more.

Senior Directors and Directors

Jeffrey Baker

Jeff Baker - Director, Data Engineering & Interoperability

Jeff Baker is the Director of Data Engineering and Interoperability with the responsibility of advancing a modern, state of art integration framework that enables Moffitt to securely exchange information between interconnected health, back-of-house systems, devices and cross-organizational collaboration. The Interoperability framework drives higher efficiency and a more holistic view of information throughout Moffitt’s ecosystem.

Chuck Campbell, MHA, MBA, LFACHE – Senior Director, CDH Chuck Campbell, MHA, MBA, LFACHEPlanning and Optimization

Chuck Campbell is the Senior Director, Center for Digital Health, Plans and Optimization. He is responsible for defining and communicating strategic goals and contributing to the operational effectiveness of the organization. He oversees CDH’s planning, budgeting and finance, enterprise architecture, business transformation and communications. He plays a key role in optimizing CDH, collaborating with senior leaders to align key projects to enterprise goals and implementing standards to streamline processes to help reduce risk.

Pete Daddio

Pete D'Addio - Director, Technology Services

Pete D’Addio is responsible for the administration and delivery of the cancer center’s foundational infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation. D’Addio oversees Moffitt’s IT infrastructure throughout the enterprise. He has positioned the foundation and infrastructure and supporting teams to lead in digital transformation.

Jarett DeangelisJarett Deangelis - Director, Research IT

Working in close cooperation with Digital Innovation, Health Data Services and Technology Services, Jarett leads the operations and management of research-related applications and high-performance computing systems. With a background in research computing infrastructure, organizational structure and data lifecycle design, he helps build end-to-end scientific computing services for researchers and clinicians  

Jeremy DrainvilleJeremy Drainville – Director, Clinical Pathways

Jeremy Drainville is responsible for leading the Clinical Pathways Department at Moffitt. The Pathways department develops evidence-based, best-practice decision support tools and content designed to aid physicians in determining the best course of treatment for their cancer patients.  These tools provide clinicians with decision-making support throughout the full lifecycle of disease treatment and cover approximately 90+% of cancer cases.

Roderick Harris, Senior Director - CDH Business Office

Roderick HarrisAs the Senior Director of the Center for Digital Health - Business Office, Rod is responsible for leading IT-related initiatives that enhance enterprise-wide technology services and streamline CDH operations. His role includes IT planning services such as developing and maintaining a comprehensive IT roadmap, IT governance, portfolio management, and demand management. Additionally, Rod oversees IT business performance, which includes financial analysis, budgeting, purchasing, contract and vendor management, and benefits realization reporting. Rod also oversees business relationships across the Center, including hospital, ambulatory, and research units. Rod is dedicated to improving cost effectiveness, service quality, and IT operational effectiveness.

Rachel HowardRachel Howard – Senior Advisor, Clinical Data Orchestration

As the Senior Advisor, Clinical Data Orchestration, Dr. Rachel Howard supports the Chief Data Officer in leading clinical data orchestration strategy, including alignment of enterprise needs with tactical, unified approaches to obtaining and curating high-value clinical data assets. Rachel plays a key role in enhancing data transparency and data democratization on behalf of the Moffitt Medical Group, establishing a strong network of clinical data stewards, facilitating the storage, linkage and sharing of clinician-owned data, and supporting MMG participation in strategic decision-making.

Ashish JainAshish Jain, Director, Digital Innovation, Consumer Experience

Ashish Jain leads the overall consumer experience strategy, digital product development and management function thus enabling Moffitt to deliver a best-in-class consumer experience for our prospective patients and current patients across their in-person and virtual (digital) connected interactions with Moffitt in a seamless, consistent and frictionless manner. He collaborates with and leverages the expertise, skills and advice of IT and HDS colleagues in his scope of responsibilities to facilitate innovation and agility for accelerating Moffitt’s consumer experience enabled by the utilization of emerging technologies.

Jennie Jones

Jennie Jones, MSHI-HA, CHDA, CTRDirector, Cancer Registry

Jennie Jones is the director of the Cancer Registry. Her role provides strategic direction for Moffitt’s Cancer Registry and is also responsible for facilitating Moffitt’s application for re-accreditation by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer. The team manually reviews electronic medical records for all newly diagnosed and/or treated Moffitt patients and abstracts and curates clinical information on demographics, diagnosis, stage, and treatment. This information is critical not only for reporting to state and national cancer registries, but also for a multitude of uses within Moffitt, including clinical pathways reporting, payer strategies analytics, and research studies spanning a variety of disciplines.

Kedar Kulkarni

Dr. Kedar Kulkarni - Senior Director, Health Data Services

Kedar Kulkarni is responsible for the planning and direction of Moffitt’s enterprise analytics ecosystem, including oversight of Data Quality and Business Intelligence, Cancer Registry, Health Informatics, Data Science. Kedar is also responsible for the implementation and adoption of Moffitt cloud-based Cancer Analytics Platform, Data Governance and execution of Moffitt’s enterprise-wide analytics strategy.

Corinne LeachCorinne Leach, PhD, MPH, FGSA - Director, Digital Innovation – Research Excellence, Center for Digital Health

Corinne Leach is a digital health transformation strategist, researcher and product team leader. In her role at Moffitt Cancer Center, she heads Digital Innovation Research and Services in the Center for Digital Health. Her team is responsible for strategy, enablement and acceleration of research, clinical practice, operations, and patient experience using emerging digital technologies, optimizing key functions of research, clinical, and business operations with digital capabilities and facilitating the translation of promising research interventions and ideas into clinical care.

Nicole Ogrodzinski

Nicole Ogrodzinski – Director, Business Systems

Nicole Ogrodzinski is responsible for the implementation, development and support of enterprise applications. She oversees Revenue Cycle Systems, Business Applications, IT Application Services and the Enterprise Resource Planning teams. As Director of Business Systems, she encourages application rationalization, optimization and partners with operational leaders to support Moffitt’s mission.

Marc Perkins-Carillo

Marc Perkins-Carrillo, MSN, RN-BC, NE-BC, HACP - Chief Nursing Informatics Officer

Marc Perkins-Carrillo is responsible for the development, implementation, and adoption of clinical IT solutions to facilitate patient care. He oversees Moffitt’s Clinical Informatics team for the enterprise ensuring that IT solutions meet the needs of the clinician and regulatory requirements. He works closely with the Moffitt’s Digital team facilitating the Digital Care and Discovery Accelerator initiatives of the organization.

Clint Perkinson

Clint Perkinson - Director, IT Customer Service

Clint Perkinson is responsible for the day-to-day operational interaction with Moffitt Cancer Center’s faculty and staff leading the customer-facing areas of IT such as the Enterprise Service Desk, Enterprise Fleet Management, Biomedical Engineering and the Service Management Office.  Perkinson strives to drive an optimal level of customer service ensuring expectations, process and delivery are all in alignment with the customer’s needs.

Seth Peterson - Chief Technology Officer

Seth PetersonSeth Peterson is responsible for leading the Data Engineering and Interoperability, Technology Services, Technology Engineering, IT Customer Service, IT Service Management and Enterprise Architecture teams at Moffitt. These teams are responsible for the strategy, architecture and support for all technology infrastructure and communication systems across the enterprise.


Euwana PowellEuwana Powell, MBA, PMP, ITIL - Director, IT Planning & Portfolio Management

Euwana Powell is responsible for the intake, evaluation, prioritization, and planning of IT projects and activities through IT Governance and IT Portfolio Management. Her team maintains oversight of IT capacity and demand to ensure IT is strategically maximizing the utilization of its resources to effectively enable Moffitt’s continued growth and transformation by way of technology.

Jamie Sentner, MBAJamie Sentner, MBA, Director, Patient Care Applications

As the Director of Patient Care Applications, Jamie Sentner is responsible for activities related to Moffitt’s clinical software applications and platforms. She has oversight of the electronic health record application, Cerner core services, clinical software development, implementation of Cerner solutions, and clinical system implementation and support for pharmacy, surgery and medical device software.

Diana Sharkey

Diana Sharkey, Director, Clinical Support Applications 

Diana leads two teams who provide system implementation, optimization and support for enterprise imaging, laboratory and pathology, and radiation oncology as well as the majority of the ancillary systems such as cardiology and endoscopy.


Ellen Shi

Ellen Shi, MSc - Director, Data Quality and Business Intelligence

Ellen Shi is the director of Data Quality and Business Intelligence(DQBI). Her role provides oversight and leadership of two areas: Data Quality and Standards, Business Intelligence and Analytics, in support of enterprise-wide data reporting, analytics, curation and standards services across the organization through a centralized business model. The DQBI department covers all operational data needs of four key service lines: patients, business, research and employees.

Mukund SridharMukund Sridhar, Director, Advanced Analytics, Health Data Services

Mukund Sridhar is responsible for the planning and direction of Advanced Analytics practices within Health Data Services organization, including the oversight of Health Informatics and Data Science groups. This team is responsible for the implementation and adoption of Moffitt cloud-based Cancer Analytics Platform, Data Governance and realizing enterprise value through Data Science products and applications.

Robert STappDr. Robert Stapp, DO, Associate CMIO, Pathology Informatics

Dr. Robert Stapp currently oversees the pathology informatics team at Moffitt and is responsible for the implementation, optimization, and application of the primary laboratory information systems, digital pathology, and ancillary laboratory systems. Dr. Stapp’s interests include applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in digital pathology.

Rick Watts

Rick Watts, JD, cEA, PMP - Director, Enterprise Architecture

Rick Watts is the Center’s Enterprise Architect and leads the IT architecture practice across business, data, application and technology domains in support of Moffitt’s digital transformation. Architecture is about executing strategy and managing change. The Architecture team will instill behaviors, practices and governance that will reduce complexity, prepare for change and accelerate Moffitt’s ability to change.

Dan ZichelloDan Zichello - Director, Application Development and Business Automation

Dan Zichello is responsible for Leading the Application Development, Agile Services and Business Automation teams at Moffitt. These teams are responsible for creating and supporting custom applications and solutions to meet the needs of several key departments ranging from patient engagement, research, operations and revenue cycle. The Agile services team also provides Scrum Master support and enablement to several cross-functional teams across CDH.

The Center For Digital Health