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At Moffitt Cancer Center, our ongoing leukemia research efforts and clinical trials help us provide advanced treatment options that aren’t available anywhere else in the region. In recognition for our efforts to better understand and treat cancer, the National Cancer Institute has named us a Comprehensive Cancer Center, the only one based in Florida. Our leukemia research is a critical component to what we do at Moffitt, and we offer our patients the opportunity to participate in both early-phase and later-phase trials to test these advanced treatments. In many cases, these clinical trials can help uncover new treatment strategies that will eventually become standard practice.

Some focused areas of research expertise among our leukemia team include:

  • Immunological profiling
  • Chemotherapy strategies to overcome resistance
  • Immunological therapies including vaccines and monoclonal antibodies
  • Small molecule and signal transduction inhibitors
  • Cell-adhesion mediate drug resistance (CAM-DR)

The physician researchers in the Malignant Hematology Program at Moffitt lead both national and international trials, and frequently present their findings in medical journals and international meetings. We also participate in many federally grant-funded research projects and clinical trials, with our findings helping to instruct new leukemia treatment methodologies. When a patient visits Moffitt’s leukemia clinic, a multispecialty team of radiation oncologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, nurses, pathologists and other professionals all specializing in leukemia collaborate to determine if one of our innovative therapies in clinical trials would be beneficial as part of the patient’s individualized treatment plan.

To learn more about our continued commitment to research and clinical trials, call 1-888-663-3488 or use our new patient registration form online. No referral is needed to visit Moffitt Cancer Center.