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A CT scan of the lungs may be performed when screening a patient for lung cancer. In fact, the United States Preventative Services Task Force recommends annual low-dose CT scans for adults between the ages of 55 and 77 who have a 30-pack/year smoking history, and who still smoke or have quit smoking less than 15 years ago. These people are considered to be at a higher risk for lung cancer. 

CT scans are imaging procedures that create cross-sectional images of organs, bones, tissues and blood vessels. These images are more detailed than those produced by ordinary X-rays and can help oncologists identify any potentially cancerous lesions in their earliest stages of development. This, in turn, can:

  • Help jump-start the diagnostic process. A CT scan alone cannot be used to diagnose lung cancer, but if the images show anything out of the ordinary, a physician can order a biopsy for more in-depth testing. 
  • Expand a patient’s treatment options, if cancer is present. Cancers that are diagnosed in early stages are more likely to be resectable and may be more responsive to other treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Improve a patient’s chances of survival. Early detection is associated with better survival rates because prognoses are far more favorable for cancers that are diagnosed before they have spread to other parts of the body.

Moffitt Cancer Center’s Lung Cancer Screening and Surveillance Program can perform a CT scan of the lungs as part of a comprehensive annual workup, and any abnormal results will be reviewed by our multispecialty tumor boards. In addition, we offer a number of other beneficial services, including tobacco cessation assistance. We have been named a Screening Center of Excellence by the Lung Cancer Alliance. 

To schedule a low-dose CT scan of your lungs, along with additional lung cancer screening services, call 1-888-663-3488 or request an appointment. No referral is necessary to enter our lung cancer screening program.

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