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The testicular cancer survival rate is exceptionally high. Patients who are diagnosed with localized cancer (cancer that has not spread outside of the testicle) have a 99 percent five-year survival rate, meaning that 99 percent of patients live at least five years after their diagnosis. Even for patients who are diagnosed with regionalized cancer (cancer that has spread to nearby lymph nodes and tissues), the survival rate is still favorable; approximately 96 percent of these patients survive five years or more. These are general survival rates – meaning they don’t take into account individual factors that can impact a specific person’s chance of survival. For instance, survival rates are often higher for patients who do not have high tumor marker levels. Also, because seminomas are slower growing than nonseminomas, they can be easier to treat and can have better prognoses.  At Moffitt Cancer Center, we’re continually searching for ways to give our patients the best possible chances of survival and highest quality of life. For instance:

  • We create individualized treatment plans for every patient we treat.

  • We perform a large number of clinical trials, which gives our patients access to the most innovative therapies that research has to offer and gives our oncologists a more in-depth understanding of how testicular tumors respond to treatment.

  • A multispecialty tumor board reviews every patient’s progress on a weekly basis. Our tumor board collectively evaluates case notes and lab reports to determine if a patient’s treatment plan requires any adjustments.

The oncologists at Moffitt’s Urologic Oncology Program can provide you with more information about testicular cancer survival rates and what can be done to improve your personal chances of survival and quality of life. No referral is necessary; to make an appointment, call 1-888-663-3488 or request a visit online.