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A saturation prostate biopsy may be recommended for a patient from Cape Coral, Florida, for diagnostic purposes. At Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, prostate biopsy procedures are performed by experienced surgeons who use state-of-the-art equipment as well as minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. By doing so, we are able to offer prostate cancer patients exceptional diagnostic and treatment services, and as a result, we’ve earned an unparalleled 95 percent satisfaction rating among our patients.

Because Moffitt’s advanced surgical techniques are highly effective and sought after, we rank as the third-largest cancer center in the nation based on patient volume. Our surgeons perform a high number of cancer surgeries, providing them with invaluable experience and allowing them to each specialize in treating a specific form of cancer, such as prostate cancer. 

When performing a saturation prostate biopsy, a surgeon inserts a small needle into the prostate gland to remove tissue samples using one of the following approaches: 

  • Rectal approach – directly through the rectum
  • Penial approach – directly through the penis
  • Perineal approach – through a small incision between the rectum and scrotum (perineum)
  • Retropubic approach – through a small incision in the lower abdomen 

 The tissue samples obtained during a prostate biopsy are promptly sent to Moffitt’s on-site lab for testing, allowing us to provide results quickly and accurately. If a prostate biopsy confirms the presence of cancerous cells, a patient can receive treatment in the same convenient location. Each treatment plan is individualized according to a patient’s condition by a multispecialty team of prostate cancer experts to help ensure the most effective treatment possible. 

For patients from Cape Coral and the surrounding South Florida communities who want to consult with Moffitt’s world-renowned specialists, we can provide information on lodging options. We have partnered with several nearby hotels that offer discounted rates for our patients and adhere to our stringent infection control and hygiene standards. 

To learn more about the saturation prostate biopsy procedures and treatment options we offer patients from Cape Coral, FL, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our new patient registration form. No referral is necessary to schedule an appointment at Moffitt Cancer Center.


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