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Patients in the Orlando, FL, area can seek prostate cancer surgery and other advanced treatment options from Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. To determine the best approach for each individual, our Genitourinary Oncology clinic features a multispecialty tumor board comprised of oncologists and medical professionals with respective expertise in all aspects of prostate cancer care. 

Sometimes, before advising a patient to consider prostate cancer surgery, the Moffitt team might recommend a period of “active surveillance” during which the patient will be continually monitored for prostate cancer symptoms or evidence of cancer spread. In the event that our experts reach a consensus that surgical intervention would be beneficial, Moffitt’s fellowship-trained surgeons offer a full range of prostate cancer surgery options, such as: 

  • Radio-frequency ablation – This minimally invasive, image-guided technique destroys cancer cells through the application of heat. Using ultrasound or MRI technology, a surgeon precisely guides a needle electrode into a tumor and then delivers high-frequency electrical currents. 
  • Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy – Through several small incisions in the abdominal area, a surgeon removes the prostate gland and a small amount of the surrounding healthy tissue. The procedure can be performed with the guidance of robotic arms that hold the surgical tools (robot-assisted prostatectomy).
  • Traditional surgery – Utilizing nerve-sparing techniques, a surgeon removes the prostate gland through an incision in the lower abdomen (retropubic approach) or in the perineum (perineal approach). If lymph node involvement is suspected, the surgeon may also remove lymph nodes during this procedure for further testing. 

Moffitt offers the latest developments in prostate cancer surgery, as well as all other aspects of cancer care, in a single, convenient location. In addition, Moffitt’s patients have exclusive access to promising new drugs and techniques that are available only in our clinical trials. Through initiatives like these, Moffitt continues to lead the way in advancing medical science, and our research efforts have been recognized by the National Cancer Institute, which has awarded us the prestigious designation of Comprehensive Cancer Center – the only one based in Florida. For patients from Orlando, FL, who would like to stay close to Moffitt while they are receiving treatment, we offer a range of supportive services, including assistance with hotel arrangements. We can recommend a nearby hotel that offers discounted rates and has partnered with Moffitt to ensure a high level of patient comfort and safety.  

To discuss prostate cancer surgery or other therapies with a member of our prostate cancer team, patients from the Orlando, FL, area can call 1-888-663-3488 or schedule an appointment. We do not require referrals.

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