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To ensure maximum effectiveness, radiation therapy for vulvar cancer must be delivered by experienced radiation therapists. While it’s important for a patient to have access to the latest advancements in radiation techniques and equipment, the full benefits of treatment can be realized only when these complex tools are placed in the capable hands of knowledgeable experts. At Moffitt Cancer Center, we offer patients the best of both worlds: a Radiation Oncology Program that not only incorporates cutting-edge technologies, but also boasts a highly proficient team of radiation therapists. These talented professionals have the skills necessary to properly administer advanced radiation treatment to unleash its full potential.

Radiation therapy for vulvar cancer may be recommended prior to surgery to attempt to shrink tumors for ease of removal. Chemotherapy is sometimes used in conjunction with radiation therapy for this purpose, typically to treat advanced cancers. Radiation therapy can also be used on its own to destroy cancer cells in the vulvar region or manage a patient’s symptoms.

Most often, radiation therapy for vulvar cancer is delivered by a machine located outside a patient’s body. Similar to a diagnostic X-ray, this procedure is called external beam radiation therapy and generally involves:

  • The creation of a mold of a woman’s lower back and pelvic area to ensure proper and consistent placement of her body for each treatment
  • The use of a special dye to mark the delivery point on the patient’s skin to ensure a high level of precision
  • A series of treatments that are administered five days a week over the course of four to six weeks

At Moffitt, some of the best physicians and researchers in the nation work closely every day to investigate exciting new types of radiation therapy and other treatment modalities for vulvar cancer. The overriding goal our translational research is to bring promising new treatments to our patients as quickly as possible. We do so by sponsoring a robust portfolio of clinical trials, which are helping to advance cancer care for all present and future patients.

If you would like to know more about radiation treatment for vulvar cancer, call 1-888-663-3488, or access our online form to schedule an appointment. For the convenience of our patients, we never require referrals.