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  • Cancer Type: Breast
  • Study Type: Supportive Care
  • NCT#:
  • Phase: N/A
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  • Overview

    Study Title:

    Examination of Starlight Therapy for the Reduction of Anxiety in Patients with Breast Cancer Receiving First Time Treatment


    The purpose of the study is to examine if starlight therapy can help reduce anxiety in participants with breast cancer receiving cycle 1, day 1 treatment. A Laser Stars projector will be used for the starlight therapy to project a starry night on dark ceilings and walls. Starlight therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety in the hospice setting and this study will evaluate its use in an ambulatory, oncology setting.


    Specific Aim #1 To determine the feasibility of offering starlight therapy to patients with breast cancer in an ambulatory setting. Specific Aim #2 To determine if starlight therapy is acceptable to female patients with breast cancer receiving cycle 1, day 1 treatment. Specific Aim #3 To preliminarily examine if starlight therapy reduces anxiety in female patients with breast cancer receiving cycle 1, day 1 treatment.

  • Inclusion Criteria

    • Female
    • age 18 years or older
    • Able to read and understand English
    • Diagnosis of breast cancer and is being seen for cycle 1, day 1 treatment at MWC Clinic (chemo naïve)
  • Exclusion Criteria

    • Unable to wait between provider visit and treatment appointment for intervention
    • Unable to use recliner or recline comfortably for 15 minutes
    • Visually impaired
    • Patient reported claustrophobia

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