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(Left to right) Cristina Perez, director of Patient Experience; Patti Halula, Moffitt patient and PFAC co-chair; Tony Sanders, director of Environmental Services; Kelley Gonzalvo, vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer; David Dauman, Moffitt patient and PFAC co-chair; and Anne Bidelman, manager of Patient Advisory and Executive Patient Programs.

In a heartwarming celebration of excellence in patient care, Moffitt Cancer Center has once again recognized the outstanding commitment and dedication of its team members. Moffitt’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) has bestowed the PFAC Award of Excellence upon two exceptional departments, acknowledging their unwavering dedication to patient and family-centered care.

For over a decade, this award has been one of the highest honors team members can achieve, reflecting their ability to connect with patients and caregivers on a profound level.

This year's recipients, the Patient Contact Communications Center (PCCC) and Environmental Services (EVS), were chosen for their exceptional contributions to Moffitt's mission of patient and family-centered care, their compassionate approach and their exemplary efforts to improve patient satisfaction scores.

Nearly a hundred people appear on a Zoom grid. They all have the same background showing a trophy in honor of their award.

The Patient Contact Communications Center serves as a liaison between the clinical teams and patients.

The Patient Contact Communications Center, a vital component of Moffitt's patient care infrastructure, received the news of their well-deserved win during a Zoom team meeting. Their dedication to patient and family-centered care was shown in the compassionate way that they schedule patients, answer questions and provide crucial patient portal support. Serving as a liaison between patients and the clinical team, the PCCC team understands the anxiety that often accompanies medical encounters and takes immense pride in offering a supportive hand to every patient and family member.

“Our goal is to ensure a high-quality experience for every patient and family member that calls Moffitt,” said Derek Herring, senior director of Patient Access, the department that oversees PCCC. “These team members are often the first and last people our patients interact with during their journey. They understand that their experience hinges on our collaborative efforts, mutual respect and unwavering commitment, from the very beginning to the end.”

More than a hundred people gather in Moffitt's auditorium for a photo. They're standing on the stage in front of a presentation screen while wearing their blue and red uniforms.

The Environmental Services team celebrated their win in a private award ceremony at Moffitt's Magnolia Campus.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Services team celebrated their PFAC Award of Excellence win with a private award ceremony at Moffitt’s Magnolia Campus. This department was nominated for its outstanding commitment to patient and family-centered care, emphasizing the critical importance of establishing meaningful connections with patients, caregivers and fellow team members. Their unwavering dedication to creating a safe, clean and welcoming environment ensures that patient well-being is safeguarded.

Tony Sanders, director of Environmental Services, says his team members are the unsung heroes of a patient’s care team. “Our EVS team has so much heart,” Sanders said. “Their skills go beyond disinfection procedures. They’re instrumental in crafting a healing atmosphere that directly contributes to Moffitt’s exceptional patient outcomes.”

Early this year, Moffitt’s EVS team achieved Certified Health Care Environmental Services Technician designation through the Association for the Health Care Environment and the American Hospital Association, a major achievement exemplifying their dedication to keeping patients safe.

David Dauman, Moffitt patient and co-chair of PFAC, said, “The effort to execute Moffitt’s exceptional patient and family service cannot be overstated. There are teams (and team members) who regularly go above and beyond with service, warmth, humor, patience and grace without the gratitude they richly deserve. These awards are the least we can do to say thank you.” 

Since its inception in 1986, Moffitt Cancer Center has consistently prioritized patient and family-centered care, making it the cornerstone of their mission. From day one, the center has encouraged the active involvement of family and friends as an invaluable part of a patient's care team. In 2005, the Patient and Family Advisory Program was established, demonstrating Moffitt's unwavering commitment to enhancing collaboration between patients, their families and the dedicated healthcare professionals who serve them.