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Moffitt Cancer Center’s Safety and Security team includes Carmen Amldonado-Perez, Jean Molin and Jarmanuel Hernandez.

Moffitt Cancer Center believes that the path to healing is paved with safety, comfort and peace of mind. With more than 1,200 years of collective law enforcement and security experience, Moffitt’s dedicated Safety and Security team is here to ensure every aspect of your time with us is focused solely on your journey to healing and recovery. Unlike other security teams, their mission isn’t to guard physical assets but to protect the patient and family experience, provide support and ensure that time at Moffitt is entirely focused on healing.

Whether assisting with wayfinding, securing Moffitt during times of crisis or simply providing a reassuring presence, our security team offers a patient-centered approach to safety with officers trained to prioritize health and patient needs. With specialized training in de-escalation techniques, hospital safety and conflict resolution, our security team preserves the tranquil and inviting atmosphere that Moffitt is known for.

In honor of Healthcare Security and Safety Week, celebrated annually during the second week of October, our security officers share their most meaningful Moffitt moments.

Karen Cain, Security Investigator

Years of Service: 13 years at Moffitt, 28 years with Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Cain loves horses and has two named Cody and Hoss. A native Floridian, she’s a big fan of Tampa Bay Rays baseball. As a security investigator at Moffitt, Cain’s duties range from finding lost property to investigating possible drug diversion. Her favorite part of working at Moffitt is putting a smile on a patient’s face. She says it’s humbling each and every time.  

Jarmanuel Hernandez, Security Officer Lead

Years of Service: 11 months at Moffitt, 11 years in hospital security

Hernandez says the most interesting part of his job is the unique blend of responsibility and compassion it entails. He recalls receiving a phone call one evening from a patient who had lost a treasured necklace that her husband had given her 11 years ago when she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She was at the airport, about to board a flight home, when Hernandez delivered the good news her necklace had been found. He arranged to have it shipped to her home and was touched when she reached out to express her gratitude. He said it was a memorable moment, highlighting the importance of going the extra mile.

When she’s not snow skiing and paddle boarding, Helmick enjoys interacting with patients.

When she’s not snow skiing and paddle boarding, Helmick enjoys interacting with patients.

Tiffany Helmick, Security Officer III

Years of Service:  < 1 year at Moffitt, 13 years with the Army

Helmick enjoys meeting and speaking with patients and their family members. Recently, she had the opportunity to get to know one of our patients on her way to return a cart to the pharmacy. This gentleman shared with her his personal journey, which gave her a deeper appreciation of what our patients go through when facing a cancer diagnosis. She says she learns something new every day and this helps her to better support our patients. 

Brian Hughes, Security Officer III

Years of Service:  < 1 year at Moffitt, former operator for Her Majesty’s Foreign Office

Hughes says no two days are ever the same at Moffitt. One day he was helping a gentleman whose wife had breast cancer surgery to his vehicle. Hughes asked if he was OK, and the gentleman responded that he was worried about his wife. Hughes shared he had been through a similar situation with his wife and reassured the gentleman his wife was receiving excellent care. They spoke for a few minutes, and Hughes was glad this helped the gentleman get some worries off his chest and to speak to someone who understood what he was going through.

John Twining, Security Officer III

Years of Service:  < 1 year at Moffitt, 24 years in law enforcement

Twining says the best part of his job is working with his teammates and meeting patients and their families. He enjoys helping patients and families overcome challenging times by injecting a little humor into their visit at Moffitt. He also recalls a time when he was able to help a patient get transportation home after a difficult day. This encounter left a memorable impression on him.