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We understand that your top priority is providing the best possible care and quality of life for your patients. That’s why, at Moffitt, we have a Physician Liaison team dedicated to that same goal for our shared patients, providing any support you may need throughout the referral process and beyond.

What is a physician liaison?

Our Tallahassee-area physician liaison serves as a link between referring providers and Moffitt. Our services include providing:

  • Communication with Moffitt’s physicians and supportive care providers
  • Updates regarding clinical trials
  • Support with our online referral process
  • Access to medical records
  • Information about continuing medical education programs
  • Scheduling assistance for tours of Moffitt facility
  • Information about breakthrough technologies and therapies

It is our pleasure to develop strong relationships with our referring physicians throughout the region and to provide streamlined communication for the best possible patient experience.

Why Tallahassee providers choose Moffitt

Moffitt Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida, placing us among the elite cancer centers recognized for landmark clinical research and a robust clinical trials program.

Our physicians are highly specialized and gain unparalleled experience in our high-volume cancer center, treating even the most complex diagnoses. Each of our clinical programs comprises a multispecialty team of experts in their respective field and specific cancer type. Our multispecialty approach to diagnosis and treatment allows us to develop comprehensive treatment plans that are individualized for every patient’s unique needs and result in outcomes that surpass national averages.

Health care providers in Tallahassee can complete our online form to refer a patient or reach out to the Physician Liaison team to speak with a physician liaison.

Your physician liaison contact:

Sheila Interrante
Sheila Interrante
Field Marketing Manager
(813) 745-4962