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The term "survivorship" has many meanings. The most accepted includes any patient, caregiver or loved one from the moment of cancer diagnosis to the end of life. As survivors travel through the different phases of their cancer journey, Moffitt Cancer Center’s Survivorship Program can help them address their challenges. Here are some frequently asked questions about the program:

  • Who can sign up for the program?

    Your Moffitt provider will determine if the Survivorship Program is right for you and they can make a referral on your behalf. We can also provide consultations if your provider feels you would benefit from a visit with a Survivorship Provider. We offer a one-time Onco-wellness visit as patients are transitioning from therapy into surveillance. 

    If you fall into the age group 18-39, you are eligible for the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Survivorship Program

  • What can I expect when I am first seen in the Moffitt Survivorship Program?

    At your first visit, a cancer survivorship-specialized provider will perform a thorough review of your medical history. You will also be screened for any physical, social or psychological symptoms and if it's appropriate, patients are given consultations with our social workers, dietitians or psychologists. You will receive a cancer treatment summary and care plan which includes detailed information about your co-morbidities, recommendations for healthy living and resources for cancer survivors and community programs. 

    Depending on your type of cancer and other medical issues, referrals can be made within Moffitt or to community providers tailored to your specific needs. 

  • I still want to see my original cancer provider. Is that okay?

    It's more than okay. Some patients are followed by their original team and if a medical concern arises during your time in the Survivorship Program, your original cancer provider/team is contacted for smooth coordination of your care. 

  • What about my community providers both primary care and oncologists, where do they fit in?

    The Survivorship Program is designed to complement your primary care. We believe primary care is best accomplished by your community providers who know you well, are accessible to you in your community and keep all of your health care needs in mind. We are happy to serve as a survivorship resource for your primary care providers. You should discuss your survivorship needs with your community providers and request a referral to work with someone at Moffitt’s Survivorship Program to ensure that your healthcare needs are met.

  • Can the Survivorship Program help me learn more about my disease?

    In the Survivorship Program, we review your past treatments and pathology. We also provide a plan for surveillance; identify potential long-term/late side effects from your cancer and treatment to determine which providers will be managing all the aspects of your care. We can connect survivors with virtual and in-person support groups.

Cancer Survivorship Program