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Aram  Vosoughi

Aram Vosoughi, MD

Specialty: Pathology

Program: Pathology

Language(s): English

  • Overview

    Dr. Vosoughi obtained his MD degree from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran and completed a Pathology Residency at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. He then completed a Genitourinary Pathology Fellowship and Precision Medicine Research Fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. Most recently, he completed a Cytopathology Fellowship at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Vosoughi’s clinical interests include genitourinary pathology and cytopathology. He has an interest in translational research and applying precision medicine in the study of genitourinary malignancies, including bladder and prostate tumors, and cytopathology.

    Education & Training


    • Yale School of Medicine - Cytopathology
    • Weill Cornell Medical College - Clinical Genitourinary Pathology
    • Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College - Precision Medicine


    • University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital - Pathology

    Medical School:

    • Shahid Betheshti University, Tehran, Iran - MD
  • Publications

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    • Marji N, Dhillon J, Lauwers GY, Feuerlein S, Nikfar R, Chatwal M, Vosoughi A. Colonic Adenocarcinoma with Plasmacytoid Feature: Histopathology and Molecular Characteristics of a Rare Neoplasm with an Unusual Presentation. Case Rep Pathol. 2022 Feb.2022:2640456. Pubmedid: 35178262. Pmcid: PMC8847023.
    • Zhang Y, Kumar P, Adashek JJ, Skelton WP, Li J, Vosoughi A, Chahoud J, Manley BJ, Spiess PE. Adding Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Did Not Improve Outcomes in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma. Cells. 2022 Aug.11(16). Pubmedid: 36010582. Pmcid: PMC9406439.
    • Vosoughi A, Ordobazari A, Lora Gonzalez MA, Guido LP, Skiba M, Campuzano-Zuluaga G, Kryvenko ON, Gomez-Fernandez C, Garcia-Buitrago M, Jorda M. The Paris System "atypical urothelial cells" category: can the current criteria be improved?. J Am Soc Cytopathol. 2021 Jan.10(1):3-8. Pubmedid: 32732113.
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