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Bruce  Libby

Bruce Libby, PhD

Program: Radiation Oncology

Language(s): English

  • Overview

    Dr. Libby’s clinical responsibilities include SRS and brachytherapy along with standard clinical responsibilities.  He has a longstanding interest in the implementation of rapid work flow techniques in radiation therapy along with improving resident education.

  • Publications

    • Romano KD, Petroni G, Ward K, Zheng W, Mistro M, Libby B, McLaughlin C, Showalter TN, Janowski EM. A randomized trial evaluating a novel hydrogel packing system compared to standard packing during image-guided high-dose rate brachytherapy boost for cervical cancer. Brachytherapy. 2024 May.23(3):248-256. Pubmedid: 38519352. Pmcid: PMC11098690.
    • Turkheimer LM, Petroni GR, Berger AC, Schroen AT, Brenin DR, Lazar M, Libby B, Janowski EM, Showalter TN, Showalter SL. Novel Form of Breast Intraoperative Radiation Therapy with CT-Guided High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy: Interim Results of a Prospective Phase-II Clinical Trial. J Am Coll Surg. 2024 Jan.238(1):10-20. Pubmedid: 37870228.
    • Richardson SL, Buzurovic IM, Cohen GN, Culberson WS, Dempsey C, Libby B, Melhus CS, Miller RA, Scanderbeg DJ, Simiele SJ. AAPM medical physics practice guideline 13.a: HDR brachytherapy, part A. J Appl Clin Med Phys. 2023 Mar.24(3):e13829. Pubmedid: 36808798. Pmcid: PMC10018677.
    • Venner EK, Ward KA, Wages NA, Walker B, Libby BP, Showalter TN, Romano KD. Evaluating the relationship between vaginal apex "dog ears" and patterns of recurrence in endometrial cancer following adjuvant image guided vaginal cuff brachytherapy. Brachytherapy. 2022 Nov.22(2):139-145. Pubmedid: 36414525.
    • Squeo GC, Lattimore CM, Simone NL, Suralik G, Dutta SW, Schad MD, Su L, Libby B, Janowski EM, Showalter SL, Lobo JM, Showalter TN. A comparative study using time-driven activity-based costing in single-fraction breast high-dose rate brachytherapy: An integrated brachytherapy suite vs. decentralized workflow. Brachytherapy. 2022 Feb.21(3):334-340. Pubmedid: 35125328. Pmcid: PMC9149052.
    • Suralik G, Rudra S, Dutta SW, Yu J, Sanders JC, Schad MD, Janowski EM, Su L, Libby B, Showalter SL, Lobo JM, Showalter TN. Time-driven activity-based costing of a novel form of CT-guided high-dose-rate brachytherapy intraoperative radiation therapy compared with conventional breast intraoperative radiation therapy for early stage breast cancer. Brachytherapy. 2021 May.19(3):348-354. Pubmedid: 32229072. Pmcid: PMC7198347.
    • Unnikrishnan S, Brenin DR, Suralik G, Showalter TN, Shami V, Libby B, Watkins WT, Showalter SL, Zhao F, Govinahallisathyanarayana S, Hossack JA. Use of an ultrasound imaging device within the applicator to evaluate placement and support treatment planning for breast brachytherapy and intraoperative radiation therapy. Brachytherapy. 2021 Jan.20(1):200-206. Pubmedid: 33041231.
    • Su L, Dutta SW, Sanders JC, Wu T, Libby B, Romano KD, Showalter TN. Time-driven activity-based costing of adjuvant vaginal cuff brachytherapy for uterine cancer in an integrated brachytherapy suite. Brachytherapy. 2020 Mar.19(2):176-180. Pubmedid: 31870729.
    • Corriher TJ, Dutta SW, Alonso CE, Libby B, Romano KD, Showalter TN. Comparison of initial computed tomography-based target delineation and subsequent magnetic resonance imaging-based target delineation for cervical cancer brachytherapy. J Contemp Brachytherapy. 2020 Jun.12(3):279-282. Pubmedid: 32695201. Pmcid: PMC7366020.
    • Dutta SW, Aliotta E, Alonso CE, Bliley RC, Romano KD, Libby B, Showalter TN, Showalter SL, Janowski EM. Normal tissue dose and risk estimates from whole and partial breast radiation techniques. Breast J. 2020 Jul.26(7):1308-1315. Pubmedid: 31876106.
    • Dutta SW, Mehaffey JH, Sanders JC, Meneveau MO, Lattimore C, Libby B, Brenin DR, Schroen AT, Janowski EM, Lynch C, Lash DJ, Showalter TN, Showalter SL. Implementation of an HDR brachytherapy-based breast IORT program: Initial experiences. Brachytherapy. 2019 Dec.18(3):285-291. Pubmedid: 30846329.
    • Dutta SW, Trifiletti DM, Pugh KJ, Romano KD, Libby B, Showalter TN. Integration of MRI target delineation into rapid workflow cervical cancer brachytherapy: Impact on clinical outcomes. J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol. 2018 Oct.62(5):716-725. Pubmedid: 29984892.
    • Dutta SW, Bauer-Nilsen K, Sanders JC, Trifiletti DM, Libby B, Lash DH, Lain M, Christodoulou D, Hodge C, Showalter TN. Time-driven activity-based cost comparison of prostate cancer brachytherapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy. Brachytherapy. 2018 May.17(3):556-563. Pubmedid: 29519605.
    • Romano KD, Hill C, Trifiletti DM, Peach MS, Horton BJ, Shah N, Campbell D, Libby B, Showalter TN. High dose-rate tandem and ovoid brachytherapy in cervical cancer: dosimetric predictors of adverse events. Radiat Oncol. 2018 Jul.13(1):129. Pubmedid: 30012164. Pmcid: PMC6048838.
    • Dutta SW, Alonso CE, Libby B, Showalter TN. Prostate cancer high dose-rate brachytherapy: review of evidence and current perspectives. Expert Rev Med Devic. 2018 Jan.15(1):71-79. Pubmedid: 29251165.
    • Bauer-Nilsen K, Hill C, Trifiletti DM, Libby B, Lash DH, Lain M, Christodoulou D, Hodge C, Showalter TN. Evaluation of Delivery Costs for External Beam Radiation Therapy and Brachytherapy for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Using Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2018 Jan.100(1):88-94. Pubmedid: 29079120.
    • Hassinger TE, Showalter TN, Schroen AT, Brenin DR, Berger AC, Libby B, Showalter SL. Utility of CT imaging in a novel form of high-dose-rate intraoperative breast radiation therapy. J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol. 2018 Dec.62(6):835-840. Pubmedid: 30102019. Pmcid: PMC6283680.
    • Peach MS, Moore J, Giles W, Trainor J, Long T, Moon N, Hylton JE, Showalter TN, Libby B. Development and preclinical testing of a novel biodegradable hydrogel vaginal packing technology for gynecologic high-dose-rate brachytherapy. J Contemp Brachytherapy. 2018 Aug.10(4):306-314. Pubmedid: 30237814. Pmcid: PMC6142653.
    • Alonso C, Janowski E, Libby B, Showalter S. Comparison of heart dose in early-stage left-sided breast cancers treated with intraoperative radiation therapy or whole-breast irradiation with deep inspiratory breath hold. Brachytherapy. 2018 Aug.17(5):831-836. Pubmedid: 30033035.
    • Trifiletti DM, Grover S, Libby B, Showalter TN. Trends in cervical cancer brachytherapy volume suggest case volume is not the primary driver of poor compliance rates with brachytherapy delivery for locally advanced cervical cancer. Brachytherapy. 2017 May.16(3):547-551. Pubmedid: 28336252.
    • Romano KD, Pugh KJ, Trifiletti DM, Libby B, Showalter TN. Transition from LDR to HDR brachytherapy for cervical cancer: Evaluation of tumor control, survival, and toxicity. Brachytherapy. 2017 Mar.16(2):378-386. Pubmedid: 28139420.
    • Dutta SW, Showalter SL, Showalter TN, Libby B, Trifiletti DM. Intraoperative radiation therapy for breast cancer patients: current perspectives. Breast Cancer (Dove Med Press). 2017 Apr.9:257-263. Pubmedid: 28458578. Pmcid: PMC5402914.
    • Showalter SL, Petroni G, Trifiletti DM, Libby B, Schroen AT, Brenin DR, Dalal P, Smolkin M, Reardon KA, Showalter TN. A Novel Form of Breast Intraoperative Radiation Therapy With CT-Guided High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy: Results of a Prospective Phase 1 Clinical Trial. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2016 Sep.96(1):46-54. Pubmedid: 27511846.
    • Peach MS, Trifiletti DM, Libby B. Systematic Review of Focal Prostate Brachytherapy and the Future Implementation of Image-Guided Prostate HDR Brachytherapy Using MR-Ultrasound Fusion. Prostate Cancer. 2016 Jun.2016:4754031. Pubmedid: 27293899. Pmcid: PMC4884850.
    • Trifiletti DM, Showalter TN, Libby B, Brenin DR, Schroen AT, Reardon KA, Showalter SL. Intraoperative breast radiation therapy with image guidance: Findings from CT images obtained in a prospective trial of intraoperative high-dose-rate brachytherapy with CT on rails. Brachytherapy. 2015 Nov.14(6):919-924. Pubmedid: 26249123.
    • Kim T, Showalter TN, Watkins WT, Trifiletti DM, Libby B. Parallelized patient-specific quality assurance for high-dose-rate image-guided brachytherapy in an integrated computed tomography-on-rails brachytherapy suite. Brachytherapy. 2015 Nov.14(6):834-839. Pubmedid: 26356642.
    • Ju H, Kim S, Read P, Trifiletti D, Harrell A, Libby B, Kim T. Development of a novel remote-controlled and self-contained audiovisual-aided interactive system for immobilizing claustrophobic patients. J Appl Clin Med Phys. 2015 May.16(3):5359. Pubmedid: 26103493. Pmcid: PMC5690133.
    • Trifiletti DM, Jones R, Showalter SL, Libby BB, Brenin DR, Schroen A, Morris MM, Reardon KA, Showalter TN. Techniques for intraoperative radiation therapy for early-stage breast carcinoma. Future Oncol. 2015 Mar.11(7):1047-1058. Pubmedid: 25804120.
    • Trifiletti DM, Romano KD, Showalter SL, Reardon KA, Libby B, Showalter TN. Accelerated partial breast irradiation with brachytherapy: patient selection and technique considerations. Breast Cancer (Dove Med Press). 2015 Jul.7:211-221. Pubmedid: 26251627. Pmcid: PMC4524268.
    • Trifiletti DM, Tyler Watkins W, Duska L, Libby BB, Showalter TN. Severe gastrointestinal complications in the era of image-guided high-dose-rate intracavitary brachytherapy for cervical cancer. Clin Ther. 2015 Jan.37(1):49-60. Pubmedid: 25444669.
    • Jones R, Libby B, Showalter SL, Brenin DR, Wilson DD, Schroen A, Morris M, Reardon KA, Morrison J, Showalter TN. Dosimetric comparison of (192)Ir high-dose-rate brachytherapy vs. 50 kV x-rays as techniques for breast intraoperative radiation therapy: conceptual development of image-guided intraoperative brachytherapy using a multilumen balloon applicator and in-room. Brachytherapy. 2014 Sep.13(5):502-507. Pubmedid: 24933339.
    • Orcutt KP, Libby B, Handsfield LL, Moyer G, Showalter TN. CT-on-rails-guided HDR brachytherapy: single-room, rapid-workflow treatment delivery with integrated image guidance. Future Oncol. 2014 Mar.10(4):569-575. Pubmedid: 24754589.
    • Jones R, Chen Q, Best R, Libby B, Crandley EF, Showalter TN. Dosimetric feasibility of stereotactic body radiation therapy as an alternative to brachytherapy for definitive treatment of medically inoperable early stage endometrial cancer. Radiat Oncol. 2014 Jul.9:164. Pubmedid: 25059785. Pmcid: PMC4118162.
    • Ding K, Cao K, Du K, Chen Q, Ennis D, Christensen G, Reinhardt J, Libby B, Benedict S, Sheng K. SU-E-J-192: Static Breath-Hold MRI Based Measurement of Change in Pulmonary Function Following a Course of Radiation Therapy. Med Phys. 2012 Jun.39(6Part9):3697. Pubmedid: 28519030.
    • Libby B, Ding K, Reardon K, Crandley E, Andrew C, Schneider B. SU-E-T-427: Effect of Contrast in Radiadyne Alatus Balloon Packing System on Bladder and Rectal Doses in Gynecological Brachytherapy. Med Phys. 2012 Jun.39(6Part16):3803. Pubmedid: 28517197.
    • Ding K, Deng J, Du K, Cao K, Christensen G, Reinhardt J, Sheng K, Libby B, Benedict S, Lamer J, Chen Q. SU-D-BRB-05: Small Animal Lung Compliance Imaging: Assessment System for Tissue Sensitivity to Radiation Induced Lung Injury. Med Phys. 2012 Jun.39(6Part3):3615. Pubmedid: 28517399.
    • Libby B, Sheng K, McLawhorn R, McIntosh A, Van Ausdal RG, Martof A, Read P. Use of megavoltage computed tomography with image registration for high-dose rate treatment planning of an oral tongue cancer using a custom oral mold applicator with embedded lead shielding. Brachytherapy. 2011 Jul.10(4):340-344. Pubmedid: 21349776.
    • Libby B, Chao D, Schneider BF. Non-surgical treatment of primary female urethral cancer. Rare Tumors. 2010 Sep.2(3):e55. Pubmedid: 21139970. Pmcid: PMC2994528.
    • Libby B, Monson PA. Adsorption/desorption hysteresis in inkbottle pores: a density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulation study. Langmuir. 2004 May.20(10):4289-4294. Pubmedid: 15969430.
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