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MOFFITT MOMENTUM® magazine shares portraits of hope, innovation and triumph, all leading to the same end: beating cancer.

Momentum Volume 11 cover

Volume 11; Issue 1 (PDF)

With FDA approval of the first tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy, doctors and patients have high hopes for the groundbreaking treatment. Three years after her uveal melanoma diagnosis, Michelle Shannon is on a new TIL clinical trial, putting her faith in this next-generation cellular therapy. Breakthroughs abound at Moffitt. Intraoperative MRI technology helped Robert Roggeman’s surgical team remove his brain tumor. Surveillance initiatives like the Pancreatic Interception Center aim to catch disease early in people who are most at risk. In this issue of Momentum, you’ll read inspiring stories of the people who benefit from these breakthroughs and the Moffitt experts who continue to push toward the treatments of tomorrow.  


Momentum Cover - Volume 10, Issue 2

Volume 10; Issue 2 (PDF)

Nicolás Gutiérrez Martínez knew he may lose his leg to chondrosarcoma, but he wanted to teach his young son to walk. Traveling from the Dominican Republic, he worked with Moffitt’s International Patient Services team and top-notch surgeons to find a treatment that gave him the time he needed to accomplish his goal. Greg Sawyer, Ph.D., traveled a different path to the cancer center. After being diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, the mechanical engineer who had helped develop NASA’s Mars rover came to Moffitt for a groundbreaking clinical trial. During the course of his recovery, he changed the course of his career. Now, he leads Moffitt’s new Bioengineering Department, searching for innovations that could help others. In this issue of Momentum, you’ll read stories of gratitude for the diversity of doctors, treatment options and supportive programs that Moffitt offers.


Momentum Issue 10

Volume 10; Issue 1 (PDF)

Jamie Losito faced what seemed like an impossible choice when she learned she was pregnant after being diagnosed with breast cancer. A second opinion from Moffitt gave her hope for her soon-to-be family of four. Laura Barber, Rae Sawyer and Jason Bever have all been through the emotional journey of cancer and come out the other side. Their experiences as caregivers helped shape the new Moffitt McKinley Hospital. As Moffitt continues to grow, physicians, researchers and team members across the board are working to serve a range of patients with different needs, including those coming from far away, people living with HIV and young people diagnosed with cancer.


Momentum magazine cover for Volume 9, Issue 2

Volume 9; Issue 2 (PDF)

World-renowned trumpet player Vincent DiMartino traveled 800 miles from his home in Kentucky to Moffitt for treatment of Merkel cell carcinoma, and his journey paid off when he qualified for a phase 2 trial. Amanda Brunson’s path to remission was paved with exercise and a resilient attitude. Now Moffitt’s Dr. Nathan Parker is studying how exercise can help patients who are in treatment. Moffitt’s commitment to improving the lives of patients continues with the development of life-saving immunotherapies, groundbreaking surgical techniques and compassionate conversations around goals of care.


Momentum magazine cover for Volume 9, Issue 1

Volume 9; Issue 1 (PDF)

Yvette Gray’s experience as a breast cancer survivor demonstrates large differences in the way in which Black women receive treatment compared to their white counterparts. This disparity also makes Black women more likely to die of the disease. Dr. Kimberley Lee is conducting groundbreaking research to learn why. In this issue of Momentum, you’ll also read about the COVID vaccine’s effectiveness in cancer patients, tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy, wellness company founder Mark Pentecost’s $10 million donation to establish the Pentecost Family Myeloma Research Center and Moffitt’s house band — The ReMissions!


Momentum magazine cover, Volume 8, Issue 2

Volume 8; Issue 2 (PDF)

Did you know the new surgical hospital construction across from the McKinley campus is breaking barriers when it comes to diversity? This issue of Momentum features how the project allocates contracts to minority-owned vendors and provides mentorship opportunities for minority-owned businesses. You will also meet Drs. Tiffany Carson and Jessica Islam from the Division of Population Science. Their research interests focus on reducing racial disparities in cancer and providing better outcomes through cancer prevention initiatives. Jarryd Reid tells his story of courage and determination as he undergoes chemotherapy to fight a blood disease rarely diagnosed in young people his age. Our own Dr. Kristen Otto shares a poignant account of her young daughter Cassidy’s battle with cancer and how her wish to be remembered was granted.


Momentum magazine cover, Volume 8, Issue 1

Volume 8; Issue 1 (PDF)

In this issue of Momentum, Michael Signil shares how he needed a stem cell transplant to survive after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but no match was available because of his race. Moffitt’s Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy Program is working to promote research that addresses the unmet needs of minority patients like Signil. This issue also dives into the importance of making sure that clinical trials are designed for and offered to diverse populations with the aim of eliminating cancer health disparities. We hope you enjoy reading these and additional insightful stories that underscore Moffitt’s mission to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.


Momentum magazine cover, Volume 7, Issue 2

Volume 7; Issue 2 (PDF)

Moffitt Cancer Center welcomes Patrick Hwu, MD, as our new president and CEO. He brings 31 years of oncology experience, a passion for immunotherapy research and an impressive vision for the cancer center. Hwu’s leadership comes as Moffitt continues to strengthen safety measures and harness technology to keep team members and patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, we have recommitted to our efforts against racism and disparities. All the while, Moffitt continues to grow, as construction is underway on a new inpatient surgical hospital on McKinley Drive. This issue of Momentum covers the many changes we are seeing at Moffitt.


Momentum magazine cover, Volume 7, Issue 1

Volume 7; Issue 1 (PDF)

Nearly 700 people, and sometimes their pets, volunteer at Moffitt. In this issue, we feature some of these volunteers, who are often inspired to participate by the courage they’ve witnessed in their experiences with cancer — as a patient, a caregiver or through a loved one’s journey. We also feature Dr. Philippe Spiess’ initiatives to treat men with penile cancer and Dr. Iman Washington’s focus as a radiation oncologist treating patients with breast cancer. Olympic gold medalist and Moffitt advocate Scott Hamilton presents his new book that helps families talk with their children about cancer. We hope you enjoy reading these stories that offer a glimpse into the various roles Moffitt patients, volunteers, advocates and team members play and their dedicated commitment to innovation and progress in cancer care.


Momentum magazine cover, Volume 6, Issue 2

Volume 6; Issue 2 (PDF)

At age 8, Josalyn Kaldenberg faced the likelihood of losing her arm due to a sarcoma diagnosis. Douglas Letson, MD, was able to replace her entire humerus bone, a first in the United States. Josalyn returned to playing piano, and at age 16, she delighted guests at the 2019 Magnolia Ball with a surprise performance. In this issue of Momentum, we feature Josalyn and other stories of perseverance, innovative treatments, scientific research initiatives and more.


Momentum magazine cover, Volume 6, Issue 1

Volume 6; Issue 1 (PDF)

In this issue, Magnolia Ball Chairs Lesa France Kennedy and Bill Christy share their personal commitment to see a cancer-free world. Aliya Hafeez, MD, a Moffitt psychiatrist and cancer patient, reveals how she is empowered by helping other patients while on her own challenging journey. Members of Moffitt’s Supportive Care Department, led by Diane Portman, MD, also work with patients’ interdisciplinary care teams to address the physical and emotional challenges posed by cancer. We hope you find this issue, filled with inspirational accounts of hope, new beginnings and courage, as uplifting as we do.


Momentum magazine cover, Volume 5, Issue 2

Volume 5; Issue 2 (PDF)

The women highlighted in this issue of Momentum are diverse and have experienced various life challenges as patients, survivors, caregivers, volunteers, health advocates, physicians, scientists and more. Meet Laura Barber, herself a cancer survivor, who shares how her experience during her husband’s treatment and follow-up care at Moffitt drove her to volunteer at the cancer center. Theresa Jean-Pierre Coy shares her tenacious story of facing a cancer diagnosis soon after becoming a new mom – all while continuing her work as a prominent local defense attorney and advocate for cancer disparities research. Asmita Mishra, MD, and Yvette Tremonti lead a roundtable discussion about the path to leadership for women in oncology. We hope you enjoy these and other stories that underscore the foundational role women play in the cancer center and in our communities.


Moffitt Momentum Vol 5 Issue 1

Volume 5; Issue 1

In this issue Art, a Green Beret, says facing cancer was harder than his most taxing military experience. Fortunately, he received a bone marrow transplant at Moffitt because of our partnership with USSOCOM. Betty, another transplant recipient, can see Moffitt’s Dr. Fernandez and receive treatment near her South Florida home because of a partnership with Memorial Healthcare System in Pembroke Pines. Tampa attorney Jeff Pearson promotes prevention and early detection because the Mole Patrol® team helped save his life at a Spring Swing® partnership event. Moffitt’s academic partnership with Ponce Health Sciences University in Puerto Rico aims to improve cancer outcomes in the Hispanic/Latino population. These stories and more showcase how partnerships are helping us make an impact against cancer.

Momentum cover Volume 4; Issue 2

Volume 4; Issue 2

This issue describes how Moffitt’s Integrated Mathematical Oncology faculty members use adaptive therapy to help keep cancer in check. You read how Moffitt’s chaplains quietly and effectively work behind the scenes, tending to matters of the spirit and soul. Board member and community leader Valerie Goddard reveals why she is so passionate to represent Moffitt. Our researchers are collaborating on a global scale to find answers that will lead to cancer cures and better ways to eliminate cancer health disparities. Moffitt physician-scientists are learning more about how the collection of microbes (bacteria, viruses and fungi) can affect our immune system and response to cancer treatment.

Momentum cover Volume 4; Issue 1

Volume 4; Issue 1

In this issue Dr. Jeff Backer, an Orlando emergency room doctor, shares an immune therapy called CAR T that genetically reprogramed his immune system, brought hope and healing. The black/African American community continues to face higher cancer rates and cancer deaths. The George Edgecomb Society, a new fundraising initiative at Moffitt, aims to keep H. Lee Moffitt’s legacy alive by ensuring equitable health outcomes and the elimination of cancer health disparities among blacks and African Americans. Survivor Corrina Coutant tells of the positive difference Moffitt’s Adolescent & Young Adult Program made during her care and recovery. Also included are more portrait features of survival, innovation and hope.

Moffitt Momentum Volume 3; Issue 2

Volume 3; Issue 2

As we commemorate Moffitt’s 30-year anniversary, we invite you to read about the vision and courage of our founder, H. Lee Moffitt. Dr. Julie Djeu, Moffitt’s first researcher, Lori Fox, one of Moffitt’s first registered nurses, and surgeon Dr. Julio Pow- Sang, who has been with Moffitt since the early years, tell us what brought them to Moffitt and what keeps them here. Former Gov. Bob Martinez describes changes that have taken place in Tampa and why Moffitt plays a key role in growing Tampa Bay. Les Miller conveys why, for him, the battle against cancer is personal. And Ted Couch, the man behind Moffitt’s first endowed research chair, shares his philosophy. This issue contains more firsthand accounts from people whose courage has sustained us in our mission to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.

Momentum Volume 3 Issue 1

Volume 3; Issue 1

This issue highlights individuals who are an integral part of Moffitt’s Community of Courage. Margarita Romo started Farmworkers Self-Help so that Florida’s migrant workers could have access to health care. The agency was among the first to partner with the Tampa Bay Community Cancer Network. You will meet Dr. Christine Chung, who sees patients with difficult-to-treat head and neck cancers. Amanda Ramos describes her diagnosis of a rare sarcoma and subsequent recovery, with the help of physicians Dr. Jacob Scott and Dr. Odion Binitie. The magazine highlights other physician-scientists at work to develop new, better ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

Moffitt Momentum Vol 2 Issue 2

Volume 2; Issue 2

An overview of Moffitt’s cancer prevention initiatives are described in a special insert included with this issue. Dr. Anna Giuliano is navigating the link between infection and cancer, specifically leading Moffitt’s HPV vaccine research efforts. Richard Gonzmart’s support of our community and his efforts to promote prostate cancer screening illustrate how one person makes a difference. Patient advisor Paul Lombardi tells how the new Moffitt McKinley Outpatient Center was designed with the patient in mind. Also, you will meet Moffitt’s Joel Stettler, R.N., one of our nurses who helped the cancer center achieve the Magnet nursing designation – and more individuals dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer.

Moffitt Momentum Vol 2 Issue1  

Volume 2; Issue 1

In this issue, Sheryl Anderman shares her journey and says she is alive today because of research and modern therapy. Dr. Brian Rivers describes his work among African-American men at risk for prostate cancer. Myeloma survivor Jerry Mulvey bikes hundreds of miles for charity and volunteers at Moffitt with his wife, Trudy. Also included are more portrait features of survival, innovation and hope.

Moffitt Momentum Vol 1 Issue 2



Volume 1; Issue 2

Phil Jones, former CBS news correspondent, Moffitt Board of Advisor and cancer survivor, shares how at age 75 he received a bone marrow transplant from a U.S. Navy lieutenant. Also featured are advocates Evan Longoria and Brooke Bennett, along with sarcoma survivor Leon Leonel – and Moffitt’s own Vikki Pinkos, RN, Javier Torres-Roca, MD, and Mark Lloyd.  

Momentum cover Volume 1; Issue 1  

Volume 1; Issue 1

The premiere issue features Bob Griese, Hall of Fame quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and chair, Moffitt Board of Advisors. Other stories highlight neuro-oncology physician-scientist Dr. Peter Forsyth, research scientist Dr. Lori Hazlehurst, M-Power's Myriam Escobar, who was honored at the White House for prevention and public health - and more.