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Joel  Brown

Joel Brown, PhD

Program: Integrated Mathematical Oncology

Research Program: Cancer Biology & Evolution Program


  • Overview

    To be the leader in applying principles of ecology and evolution to contain and cure cancer while enhancing the length and quality of the patients’ lives.


    • Gynecologic Oncology
    • Integrated Mathematical Oncology
    • Cancer Biology & Evolution Program
    • Melanoma & Skin Cancer Center of Excellence
    • Center of Excellence for Evolutionary Therapy

    Education & Training


    • University of Arizona, PhD - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Research Interest

    As member of the Cancer Biology and Evolution Group and the Department of Integrated Mathematical Oncology, my research and collaborations are multi-disciplinary. I have ongoing collaborations with Drs. Robert Gatenby and Sandy Alexander on applying ecological principles to understanding cancer. In terms of experimental work, I enjoy collaborative work on skin cancer cell culturing with Ken Tsai, competition experiments to explore the cost of resistance with Dr. Robert Gillies and his group, mouse model work on prostate cancer and the evolution of cancer resistance with Drs. Gatenby and Arig Ibrahim. In terms of clinical trials, I have been part of a team led by Jngsong Zhang to examine the efficacy of Adaptive therapy for late stage metastatic castrate resistant cancer (Phase I trial). Currently working with Dr. Christine Chung and her team on a phase II trial for metastatic thyroid cancer. My work is highly collaborative and I look forward to extending and integrating my work to serve the experimentalists, mathematicians and clinicians.I  use a combination of mathematical and experimental approaches to understand how organisms interact with and shape their environments. Squirrels are a particular favorite model system, as they have evolved unique attributes and behaviors for climbing trees, storing acorns and other foods, and avoiding predators. In viewing animals through their ecosystems and adaptations.

  • Publications

    • Gatenby RA, Luddy KA, Teer JK, Berglund A, Freischel AR, Carr RM, Lam AE, Pienta KJ, Amend SR, Austin RH, Hammarlund EU, Cleveland JL, Tsai KY, Brown JS. Lung adenocarcinomas without driver genes converge to common adaptive strategies through diverse genetic, epigenetic, and niche construction evolutionary pathways. Med Oncol. 2024 May.41(6):135. Pubmedid: 38704802. Pmcid: PMC11070398.
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  • Grants

    • Title: Effects of anesthetic agents on immune function and breast cancer progression
      Sponsor: Florida Breast Cancer Foundation
      PI: Brown, J.
    • Title: The Delta Ecology of NSCLC Treatment
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (Contact): Anderson, A., PI (MPI): Gatenby, R., Project PI: Marusyk, A., Core PI/Director: Brown, J.
    • Title: The Polyaneuploid Cancer Cell State Mediates Multitherapy Resistance in Cancer
      Sponsor: US Army
      PI: Brown, J.
    • Title: Feasibility of Generating Novel Translational and Therapeutic Strategies based on a Multicenter, Pediatric and AYA Evolutionary Tumor Board; pedsETB
      Sponsor: Florida Biomedical Research Program (FBRP)
      PI: Metts, J., CO-PI: Robertson-Tessi, M., CO-PI: Anderson, A., CO-PI: Brown, J., CO-PI: Marusyk, A.
    • Title: Eco-Evolutionary Drivers of Clonal Dynamics During UV-Induced Skin Carcinogenesis (PQ3)
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (Contact): Tsai, K., PI (MPI): Brown, J.

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