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Susan  Vadaparampil

Susan Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH


Program: Health Outcomes and Behavior

Research Program: Health Outcomes & Behavior Program

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  • Overview


    • Health Outcomes and Behavior
    • Breast Oncology
    • Health Outcomes & Behavior Program
    • Cancer Chemoprevention Research Interest Group
    • Melanoma & Skin Cancer Center of Excellence

    Education & Training


    • University of Florida, MS - Health Science Education
    • Indiana University, PhD - Health Behavior
    • Johns Hopkins University, MPH - Public Health in Epidemiology
  • Research Interest

    Dr. Susan Vadaparampil is Associate Center Director of Community Outreach, Engagement, and Equity at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. She is also a Senior Member in the Health Outcomes and Behavior Program in the Division of Population Sciences and Professor in the Department of Oncologic Sciences at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Vadaparampil has developed a research program applying behavioral science, epidemiology, health services, and clinical perspectives to improve utilization of cancer prevention and control innovations across the cancer continuum. She has developed patient and provider focused interventions to address underutilization of genetic counseling and testing, HPV vaccination, HCV screening, and reproductive health issues for adolescent and young adult patients. Her work in has been influenced by transdisciplinary collaboration, focused on health equity, and contributed to both the scientific literature and clinical practice. She has published over 230 scientific manuscripts and her work has been funded through research grants from the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, and other organizations. Dr. Vadaparampil partners with clinical, community, and advocacy organizations to reduce the burden of cancer in our community  In addition, she has a long-standing commitment to the training the next generation of cancer prevention and control scientists. She currently serves as the Co-Program Director for Moffitt Cancer Center’s NCI-funded Behavioral Oncology Postdoctoral T32 Training Program.

  • Participating Trials

    Clinical Trial 21902
    HPV Multilevel Intervention Strategies Targeting Immunization in Community Settings (HPV MISTICS)
    Condition: Healthy Subjects
    Status: Open

    Clinical Trial 22140
    Working through Outreach, Navigation and Digital Enabled Referral and Recruitment Strategies (ACT WONDERS)
    Condition: Multiple
    Status: Open

    Clinical Trial 22176
    Pilot to Create and Refine eHealth Genetic Education for Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Patients (Nest-CRC Pilot)
    Condition: Gastrointestinal Tumor
    Status: Open

    If you believe you are eligible for one of these trials or studies, please call
    813-745-6100 or toll-free 1-800-679-0775.

  • Publications

    • Islam JY, Yang S, Schabath M, Vadaparampil ST, Lou X, Wu Y, Bian J, Guo Y. Lung Cancer Screening Adherence Among People with HIV Treated at an Integrated Health System in Florida. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2023 Sep.39(9):482-484. Pubmedid: 37132600.
    • Vadaparampil ST, Fuzzell LN, Brownstein NC, Fontenot HB, Lake P, Michel A, McIntyre M, Whitmer A, Perkins RB. A cross-sectional survey examining clinician characteristics, practices, and attitudes associated with adoption of the 2019 American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology risk-based management consensus guidelines. Cancer. 2023 Sep.129(17):2671-2684. Pubmedid: 37221653.
    • Gómez-Trillos S, Graves KD, Fiallos K, Schwartz MD, Peshkin BN, Hamilton H, Sheppard VB, Vadaparampil ST, Campos C, Cupertino AP, Alzamora MC, Lynce F, Hurtado-de-Mendoza A. Cultural adaptations to a telephone genetic counseling protocol and booklet for Latina breast cancer survivors at risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Transl Behav Med. 2023 May.13(5):297-308. Pubmedid: 36694918. Pmcid: PMC10182423.
    • Dean M, Hintz EA, Baker J, Reblin M, Quinn GP, Haskins C, Vadaparampil ST. Shared Decision-Making Experiences of Couples with Inherited Cancer Risk Regarding Family Building. J Health Commun. 2023 May.28(5):292-301. Pubmedid: 37078713.
    • Barrett F, Sutter ME, Campo-Engelstein L, Sampson A, Caplan A, Lawrence M, Vadaparampil ST, Quinn GP. Perspectives surrounding fertility preservation and posthumous reproduction for adolescent and young adults with terminal cancer: Survey of allied health professionals. Cancer Med. 2023 Mar.12(5):6129-6138. Pubmedid: 36226382. Pmcid: PMC10028037.
    • Rivera Rivera J, Fuzzell LN, Garcia J, Rathwell J, Robinson EJ, Chavez M, Fulton H, Whitmer A, Mathew E, Giuliano AR, Vadaparampil ST. Development of a Patient Activation Toolkit for Hepatitis C Virus Testing. J Cancer Educ. 2023 Jun.38(3):931-939. Pubmedid: 35971055. Pmcid: PMC10187067.
    • Kirtane K, Zhao Y, Amorrortu RP, Fuzzell LN, Vadaparampil ST, Rollison DE. Demographic disparities in receipt of care at a comprehensive cancer center. Cancer Med. 2023 Jun.12(12):13687-13700. Pubmedid: 37114585. Pmcid: PMC10315757.
    • Barrett F, Sampson A, Campo-Engelstein L, Caplan A, Vadaparampil ST, Quinn GP. Leaving a Legacy: Allied Health Professionals' Perceptions of Fertility Preservation and Posthumous Reproduction for Adolescent and Young Adults with a Poor Cancer Prognosis. J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol. 2023 Jun. Pubmedid: 37294937.
    • Conley CC, Buras AL, McIntyre M, Santiago-Datil W, English D, Wenham RM, Vadaparampil ST. "It doesn't really apply to what I'm going through": a mixed-methods study of barriers to palliative care among patients with advanced ovarian cancer. Support Care Cancer. 2023 Jun.31(7):397. Pubmedid: 37326676. Pmcid: PMC10343169.
    • Crowder SL, Buro AW, Lacson JCA, Del Rio J, Kim Y, Roetzheim RG, Sutton SK, Vadaparampil ST, Soto-Torres B, Stern M, Kanetsky PA. Qualitative assessment of uptake retention and evaluation of prevention materials for skin cancer among Hispanics. Patient Educ Couns. 2023 Jul.112:107742. Pubmedid: 37028174. Pmcid: PMC10164708.
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    • Osegueda ER, Chi X, Hall JM, Vadaparampil ST, Christy SM, Staras SAS. County-Level Factors Associated With HPV Vaccine Coverage Among 11-Year-Olds to 12-Year-Olds Living in Florida in 2019. J Adolesc Health. 2023 Jan.72(1):130-137. Pubmedid: 36244897.
    • Vadaparampil ST, Fuzzell LN, Rathwell J, Reich RR, Roetzheim R, Giuliano AR. Engaging Physicians and Systems to Improve Hepatitis C Virus Testing in Baby Boomers. Healthcare (Basel). 2023 Jan.11(2). Pubmedid: 36673580. Pmcid: PMC9858629.
    • Hong YR, Yadav S, Wang R, Vadaparampil S, Bian J, George TJ, Braithwaite D. Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk and Perceived Importance of Genetic Information Among US Population by Race and Ethnicity: a Cross-sectional Study. J Racial Ethn Health Disparities. 2023 Jan.1-13. Pubmedid: 36689121. Pmcid: PMC9870197.
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    • Otto AK, Vadaparampil ST, Heyman RE, Ellington L, Reblin M. Spouse caregivers' identification of the patient as their primary support person is associated with better patient psychological well-being. J Psychosoc Oncol. 2023 Feb.41(2):137-149. Pubmedid: 35486591.
    • Rivera Rivera JN, Conley CC, Castro-Figueroa EM, Moreno L, Dutil J, García JD, Ricker C, Quinn GP, Soliman H, Vadaparampil ST. Behavioral beliefs about genetic counseling among high-risk Latina breast cancer survivors in Florida and Puerto Rico. Cancer Med. 2023 Feb.12(4):4701-4706. Pubmedid: 35941731. Pmcid: PMC9972095.
    • Turner K, Brownstein NC, Whiting J, Arevalo M, Vadaparampil S, Giuliano AR, Islam JY, Meade CD, Gwede CK, Kasting ML, Head KJ, Christy SM. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among a national sample of United States adults ages 18-45: A cross-sectional study. Prev Med Rep. 2023 Feb.31:102067. Pubmedid: 36439896. Pmcid: PMC9677560.
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    • Pecoriello J, Klosky JL, Augusto B, Santiago-Datil W, Sampson A, Reich R, Vadaparampil S, Quinn G. Evolution and growth of the ECHO (Enriching Communication skills for Health professionals in Oncofertility) program: a 5-year study in the training of oncofertility professionals. J Cancer Surviv. 2023 Aug.17(4):1184-1190. Pubmedid: 35031917. Pmcid: PMC8760090.
    • Pecoriello J, Sampson A, Block R, Sutter ME, Vadaparampil ST, Quinn GP. For the LOvE of Reproductive Health Communication: Assessment of the LGBT Oncofertility Education (LOvE) Module. J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol. 2023 Aug.12(4):555-560. Pubmedid: 36459104. Pmcid: PMC10457611.
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  • Grants

    • Title: Enriching Communication Skills for Health Professionals in Oncofertility and Trainers in Oncofertility Reproductive Communication and Health
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (MPI): Vadaparampil, S.
    • Title: Enriching Communication Skills for Health Professionals in Oncofertility and Trainers in Oncofertility Reproductive Communication and Health
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (MPI): Vadaparampil, S.
    • Title: Advancing Clinical Trials: Working through Outreach, Navigation and Digital Enabled Referral and Recruitment Strategies (ACT WONDERS)
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (Contact): Vadaparampil, S., PI (MPI): Rollison, D.
    • Title: Moffitt Cancer Center Support Grant Years 24-27
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI: Cleveland, J., Project PI: Kanetsky, P., Project PI: Kissil, J., Project PI: Brandon, T., Project PI: Conejo-Garcia, J., Project PI: Duckett, D., Project PI: Gray, J., Project PI: Jim, H., Project PI: Locke, F., Core PI/Director: Springer, B., Core PI/Director: Vadaparampil, S., Core PI/Director: Wright, K., Core PI/Director: Rodriguez, P.
    • Title: HPV MISTICS: Multilevel Intervention Strategies Targeting Immunization in Community Settings
      Sponsor: Florida Biomedical Research Program (FBRP)
      PI: Vadaparampil, S., CO-PI: Christy, S.
    • Title: Cervical Cancer: PROGRESS for Prevention
      Sponsor: Amer Cancer Society
      PI: Vadaparampil, S.
    • Title: Behavioral Oncology Education & Career Development
      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (Contact): Vadaparampil, S., PI (MPI): Simmons, V.

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