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Vani  Simmons

Vani Simmons, PhD

Co-Director Tobacco Research and Intervention Program

Program: Health Outcomes and Behavior

Research Program: Health Outcomes & Behavior Program


  • Overview

    Dr. Simmons’ research interests include the development of smoking cessation and relapse-prevention interventions for special populations including cancer patients, college students, and racial/ethnic minorities.  A resumption of smoking among cancer patients can result in numerous adverse health consequences.  Dr. Simmons received funding from the NCI to study smoking relapse among lung cancer and head and neck cancer patients.  Study findings led to an NCI-funded grant to test the efficacy of the first targeted smoking relapse-prevention intervention for cancer patients.  Dr. Simmons has also developed a line of research focusing on the systematic development of interventions for college student smokers.  The primary aim of her current study in this area is to test the efficacy of an experiential, theory-based, web-intervention for college smokers.  Finally, Dr. Simmons has conducted research on the development and testing of culturally appropriate smoking cessation interventions for Hispanic smokers.


    • Health Outcomes and Behavior
    • Thoracic Oncology
    • Tobacco Research & Intervention Program
    • Health Outcomes & Behavior Program

    Education & Training


    • University of South Florida, PhD - Clinical Psychology
    • University of South Florida, MA - Clinical Psychology


    • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute - Behavioral Oncology
  • Research Interest

    Dr. Simmons’ research interests include the development of smoking cessation and relapse-prevention interventions for special populations including cancer patients, college students, and ethnic minorities.  A resumption of smoking among cancer patients can result in numerous adverse health consequences.  Dr. Simmons received funding from the NCI to study smoking relapse among lung cancer and head and neck cancer patients.  Study findings led to an NCI-funded grant to test the efficacy of the first targeted smoking relapse-prevention intervention for cancer patients.  Dr. Simmons has also developed a line of research focusing on the systematic development of interventions for college student smokers.  The primary aim of her current study in this area is to test the efficacy of an experiential, theory-based, web-intervention for college smokers.  Finally, Dr. Simmons has conducted research on the development and testing of culturally appropriate smoking cessation interventions for Hispanic smokers.

  • Publications

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  • Grants

    • Title: Creation of an Infrastructure to Support Delivery of mHealth Interventions for Cancer Patients Throughout Florida
      Sponsor: Florida Biomedical Research Program (FBRP)
      PI: Vidrine, D., CO-PI: Simmons, V.
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      Sponsor: Nat Institutes of Health
      PI (Contact): Vadaparampil, S., PI (MPI): Simmons, V.

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